In need of lemon cheesecake!

Hey guys I was running out of concentrate one day last week so went to my local vape shop to buy some ready made stuff and I bought a (witchcraft) lemon cheesecake and I have fell in love with this flavour I want to create my own I have been on the recipe page and not many comments for this just wondering how you master mixers would make this I now use inawera concentrate so if you could give me an idea would be greatly appreciated thank you

Capella’s Italian Lemon Sicily 5ml
FA lemon sicily 4 ml
TFA Kentucky Bourbon 2ml
Perfumer’s Apprentice Brown Sugar - 2ml
Perfumer’s Apprentice Cheesecake* - 5ml
Perfumer’s Apprentice Sweet Cream - 2ml
The non graham crust type

Needs a good two week steep, but starts getting pretty good at one week.
Here’s mine. I just made it and it’s been in the steeping process for 8 days. can’t wait for it to come to it full glory.

The INW Lemon Cake; looks like a lot of people use it. Now, you just need to find the Graham or Cookie component. Perhaps the INW biscuit would lend that quality you need to get the “crust” flavor. :thinking:

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And INW lemon mix at low percents around .25-.75 will spruce up any lemon and make it hold its flavor a lot longer with steep. Because most citrus fades with a nice steep.


I’m not sure about using lemon cake INW. I find it alittle dark and heavy. I love it, but I can see it being a challenge to using where you want cheese cake of the primarily flavor and lemon as a flavor layered in.

I would almost recommend lemon Sicily FA. Or one of those style lemons.

Thanks for all the replies I was thinking the simple method lol

Like cap New York cheesecake around 6-8%
And inawera lemon at 1.5 %

Would this not work I have been making single flavour mixes for months and only just in the past few weeks been experimenting 2-3 flavours so not got much experience

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My favourite mix I’ve done was a strawberry cheesecake that was done with 2 flavours I used

TPA cheesecake (graham crust) at 6%
Inawera strawberry at 2%

My personal taste of cause

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Oh wow, that looks awesome!