In Response to the MA Menthol Ban

The menthol myth

As I try to place orders I’m getting shot down by more and more vendors. I realize I have friends who will help but this is more than just about me getting my vape gear and liquids. This is INSANE and I’m feeling an all out war against my state’s governorship. I don’t advocate smoking menthol cigarettes but in retaliation I’m tempted to take out a full page in the Boston Globe with instructions on how to turn a regular cigarette into a menthol with a simple, single menthol crystal. I just want to stick it to Charlie Baker but then he would ban all menthol products! You’ll have to get your cough drops, Ben Gay, Salon Pas, toothpaste, chapstick, bath salts, nasal sprays, et al behind the counter like Sudafed for fear that we’ll distill them down into menthol salts. He needs to go.


Are they refusing to send concentrates?


The only way is to vote them out.
then change the laws, redact them.

I have said many times… if you need anything… let me know.
I have zero issue shipping to a banned state.


I haven’t had a problem yet but I haven’t ordered recently. I hope not, I need a few flavors.


I was freaking out. What kind of things are they refusing to send?


Just remember you have friends if they don’t send


I’ll stand up with Smoky there. If you can’t get it and need a go between I’ll help.


I love that there are a couple of people in the forum more then willing on helping people stay cancer free. Thanks


I don’t normally believe in civil disobedience, but when our government and public health is trying to kill people by keeping them on deadly cigarettes, they’ve lost the right to lead.


I make and sale what some people call “coils you look at and can’t vape” i post my coil pics on Instagram and on local groups on facebook and since all this crazy ban stuff has started I’ve learned diy and how to make box mods. I’m 100% willing on going as far as i have to. I’m fully peppered for jail if it comes down to that I’ll not going to set by and watch friends, family or acquaintances die from cigs like i had to watch my mom die 30 years ago. I have the power to save at lest a couple of people. My mods are nice" the juices i make taste great my coils are some of the best handmade coils around. I’m not only helping people I’m doing what i love :heartpulse:


I saw this on Twitter and thought about making a separate thread but figured there’s this one going already. Maybe if the mods think it warrants its own they can split it.


I’m sorry, I haven’t answered your post. I have been refused by a list of online US vendors to send my orders due to the MA Vape Ban. The list includes some very popular vendors. The most recent who shot me down was Eightvape. Some were hardware orders and some juice orders. I have not been refused flavor concentrates. To me, that is the most essential. I can make my own juice and I can make mods if I have to. I’m sure I can buy any board that’s available. I also know modders. It should be a long time before all the mods I have bite the dust. But this is all Armageddon talk. The Chinese…no problem. Not now anyway.


Thanks for posting this. I haven’t seen it yet.


I just saw one vendor that advertised no shipping everything but flavored e-liquids to MA. Seems Ole Charlie is backing off a little.


Yea they sure have lost the right to lead in a lot of ppl eyes.

If the legal voting age was 16 and not 18… you know these politicians would be singing a different tune.

But Hope Still - Since they raised the age to 21 for vaping in a lot of States. I have hope that the “newly underage” 18,19 and 20 year-olds register and vote the anti-vape proponents out of office.


Can you please post that link or tell me who the vendor is? What we know right now is that no flavored eliquids or tobaccos (hence the name of this thread, not even menthol cigs). However, all vape products will have a 75% tax. This leaves MA residents helpless unless you have money to burn. We can’t assume that everyone is like us, knowing how to DIY or where the “other” online vendors are. Most are just people trying to stay off cigs and going to their local convenience store and buying Juuls or visiting their local vape shop which no longer exists. Baker HAS NOT backed off. He has future plans. Don’t be fooled.

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Well said. I’ve spoken firsthand to an ex Juul user who admitted he sometimes smokes cigarettes now. This person works in a vape/smoke shop. Vape sales are skyrocketing just over our state borders and cigarette sales have risen in our own state according to a poll discussed on public radio. I watched my father die of throat cancer and I am not taking this lightly. I hope Baker feels the wrath at the next gubernatorial election.


I looked for it yesterday in the deleted bin and couldn’t find it. If I see another one I’ll post it right away. I’m sure you know Charley better that I and yes 75% is insane. He sounds like another Daddy Death Bucks.