Inawera blackcurrant tastes of ashtrays, is this normal?

As the heading says.
My inawera blackcurrant (a re-bottle from vapable) tastes like ashtrays. Saw reviews of this flavour stating it needs a steep but 3 weeks in still tastes like ashtrays. I mixed at 4% with 3mg nic and 75vg 25pg.
The nic, pg and vg are all good, have used in many other mixes since.
From what I understand it should be a very fruity and slightly tart flavour. There’s absolutely no tartness to mine, or any blackcurrant flavour for that matter.
Any advice or opinions are greatly welcomed.

Thanks in advance.

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See what others are saying about this flavour here:

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I am just wondering how you figured out how an ashtray taste like? Also, how many ashtrays have you been tasting to come to the conclusion that all ashtrays are equally comparable to Inawera blackcurrant? Hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like you got a faulty flavour from Inawera, that the rebottling has gone wrong or that the supplier has been deluding it with ashtray dishwashing water.

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Thanks for the reply. I had already looked through all those plus others. I always do a flavour search on elr before purchasing any flavours. I’m just wondering if anyone has noticed this in a batch they’ve had or if it’s a small part of the normal flavour profile that’s maybe separated and is what has ended up being bottled. I’ve contacted the supplier and they’ve checked the batch and said it’s definitely blackcurrant. So either I for some reason don’t have the palate for this or possibly they’ve popped the label on the wrong bottle.
I did also air it for 2 days as I had read previously that it needs to breathe.

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Deluding it into thinking it could one day become blackcurrent despite all the ashtray water?


Hahaha, that might work too… or they might just have diluted it, hehehe :smiley:


Oddly enough I have been unfortunate enough to taste ashtray :joy:
I think you’re probably right and something has gone wrong with the re-bottling.
If no one else has ever noticed this then it is good to know. I’m really trying to work out if it’s likely a bad batch, an incorrect bottling or if it should taste like this at all.
That way I know whether I should write this flavour off entirely or try it again from a different supplier or inawera direct.
I have many of their fruit flavours and they’re all really good. Only this one I’ve had a problem with.

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I’ve bought from vapable and other uk vendors before and everything is re-bottled. I often wonder about the QC process, a few dodgy ones are bound to get through. Sounds like you might have gotten a bad one. I’ve never tried that flavour so I can’t really help with that.

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I’ve used vapable a few times and they’ve been very good so far. Out of about 30 bottles this is the only one I’m not sure of. They do a great blackcurrant themselves (a lot of their own brand flavours are very good). But as you say re bottling quality control could be a problem. It would be easy to accidentally label the wrong bottle. I think I’ll assume that was the case and try again but order it direct from inawera this time.
My favourite blackcurrant so far is by vampire vapes if anyone has tried and has any idea if there’s a similar flavour out there that’s not as expensive?

I use that often and it is definitely NOT normal that you are tasting that.

The aroma on this one is STRONG, reminiscent of sulfur and jet fuel when
I first smelled it It’s vinegar-like, or maybe a heavy ketchup/tomato
paste, w/ a strong grape aspect. I tasted this a day after mixing, and
it vaped about the same as it smelled. So I immediately concluded this
one needs steeped and probably be aired out, or both. (Did both!) After a
24-hour airing out, and a long steep, the vinegar/fuel aspect I was
detecting has disappeared. The aroma is still quite strong, but the
offensive notes I previously mentioned are no longer present.

I concur with this person as I have had similar experiences with those off notes being present. I air my bottles before mixing for 24 hours cap off. Never have issues since I started doing that but whether I lose some potency is open to interpretation :wink:


Excellent. That’s good to hear. At least I know I still have something to look forward to on my hunt for the perfect blackcurrant. I’ll place another order and hopefully get the correct one this time. My one doesn’t have any vinegary, sulphur or blackcurrant smell. In fact it doesn’t smell of much at all an definitely doesn’t taste anything like blackcurrant. Has been the only major let down so far apart from Lubrisolve blackcurrant and vimto which were both terrible :relaxed:

Thanks for confirming with me. Your time to respond is appreciated.

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Inawera makes DNB (dirty natural base) which tastes like an ashtray smells. It’s possible there was some cross contamination.

I have the blackcurrant but not tried it yet. Now I’m itching to see if it brings back any memories. So, real quick…

When I was about 15 I was up late watching Shock Theater. I had an orange crush in the can I had nearly finished. I started using it as an ashtray and forgot. Took a gulp of what was left in the can. Holy fkballs that was nasty.

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled program.

EDIT - I do NOT have INW Blackcurrant. I confused myself…again! My apologies.


:grin: Excellent. Tastes horrible doesn’t it.
It would be interesting to see how your blackcurrant turns out. Hopefully you’ve got a good batch. I found that it does have a slight taste of blackcurrant when a tiny drop is tasted, along with a taste of ashtray and what I would describe as green twigs (tastes similar to how some bush and tree branches smell when broken) it’s a really odd taste. Definitely not a good blackcurrant batch.
Their dnb sounds very similar to the taste of the blackcurrant so think you may be onto the source of the problem there. Thanks for the help :+1:

:slight_smile:… We’ll just leave this here…


I definitely got a dodgy batch :laughing:

Good that you guys took the time to post up the msds sheets as well. :+1:

FA Blackcurrant like most of their fruits is above average and I meant to suggest to OP that it’s worth buying. My SF INAWERA Blackcurrant test remainder went into a bottle along with the remainder of my SF Strawberry Shisha test. That was ages ago and I still have that bottle. I found the flavor fade minimal interestingly enough. And FA I have not tested the Blackcurrant as a SF yet… although (Red Touch)
Strawberry FA fades to my taste considerably.

Being in the UK, I use the INW Blackcurrant with various apples to mix Blackcurrant Apple Squash recipes and I’m experimenting with making a Ribena Recipe too. Neither that spectacular yet that they are worth posting but I’m making progress.

To be clear, I air my fresh INW Blackcurrant flavor bottle ONCE for 12-24 hrs to remove the offensive off notes. After that it is significantly improved and I steep normally after mixing with no heat or airing. Much like removing alcohol from flavors, I have not noted a drop in flavor potency that noticeable that I altered the strength. I get my Inawera direct from them much like I do with FA in Italy as well… I prefer not to buy re-bottled whenever possible but I do have re-bottled in my stash. One of these days, I may take the time to add my entire stash to the other side.


I have fa blackcurrant in my stash. Its quite a good flavour. Rate that 3rd out of my favourite blackcurrants so far. Vampire vapes is my favourite but way over priced followed by vapables own brand then fa. I had high hopes for inawera. I still need to buy again from elsewhere as there was something clearly wrong with my batch.

The worst blackcurrants I’ve had to date are flavorwest, Lubrisolve, vapours r us and solub arome. In fact both Lubrisolve flavours I had were terrible and really weak and all solub arome flavours I’ve had so far have been a big disappointment.
For myself in general I’ve found the best suppliers to be tfa, fa and inawera.

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Well how weird is this day? First I see I made a big confusing statement about one of my recipes (quite embarrassing) and now I embarrass myself again, having found I made comments here about FA Blackcurrant when it’s about the Inawera one…which I don’t even have!!!

Am I getting dementia or what? Damn!

I want to crawl in bed and pull the covers over my head. Maybe when I wake up I’ll realize I’m just an idiot and learn to live with it :slight_smile:

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I’ve not tried FA’s, but INW Blackcurrant is delicious. You must have gotten a dodgy bottle. It’s also very strong, at 1% even it can take over other lighter fruits in a mix. But between 0.5 - 1% it adds a lush berry backing.

Hi Posh, I’m reading up about blackcurrants just now because I want to vape ribena, and I was excited to read about your experiment with creating a ribena recipe.
It’s a long time ago now but I’d love to know how it went? Can you give me any pointers as to blackcurrant concentrates that aren’t so tart/realistic perhaps?
Thanks and PS I’m in the uk too