Inawera Bubblegum, yummy classic V 'Donald' bubblegum?

I just got a bottle of Inawera ‘Yummy classic’ Bubblegum, and as usual with new flavors [to me] I hit E-LR to look up some notes, add it to my stash etc … Well, all i can find is one called “Donald Bubblegum”. I take it these are not the same? Maybe nobody uses the yummy classic one? as I can’t find it listed :confused:

Also looks like nobody uses INW Lemonade :blush:

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They are indeed not the same.


Yeah I got the top one there. Bit surprising they have a Wera garden one, and that’s the one seems popular on the recipe section here. As most of their Wera garden flavorings are a bit … odd.

I’ve mixed some up with pink panther and shisha raspberry to try out and it’s tasting good right from the off at least :slight_smile: