Inawera dnb and tobacco flavorings

Well I’d been meaning to get a new bottle of dnb, can’t find anything in the US, so fine, but can’t find anything under 1l in UK, anyone have an idea?

But then I was thinking about tobacco absolute, I finally got a straight ta, black, syrup I haven’t had had enough time with it, but I seem to remember someone said ta is in other flavorings, maybe Turkish FA or TPA or was it dnb that’s ta? Anyone have ideas about using the this ta, aside from diluting into another bottle?

I’m also looking a dnb alternative apparently, I like black fire really more than dnb but I kinda like dnb some too, anyone still use any tobaccos in here :grin:


Be careful with Black Fire. I haven’t mix with it for years but what I did learn using it is 0.5 percent is max. Dirty Natural is nothing like Black Fire. So it’s comparing apples to oranges. DBN adds no smoke favor like BF.
I’m sure someone on your side of the pond will chime in and help you find a smaller bottle.


Nom Nomz carries DNB, which is very useful as most of us rely on it after Chefs ‘changed’.

I am a tad confused as to how you are using DNB: as it seems you are using it as a flavour and not as an ashy base. Could you give a few more details, then I may be able to help more.


Thnx for Nomnomz, I was looking at fj, I never did a ton of their stuff, I saw lots of tobacco flavorings but I’m kinda looking for those stronger flavorings, like resolve is funky but just a tad and it works for me. Red burley, ry4, milk and honey do not work for me

I use black fire, a lot, so as an alternative note dnb is nice, it seems warmer, mellow, Im sure I just need more dnb but I go through phases where I go hunting for tobaccos

Maybe I can sum it up by saying I really never liked bakery, cream, custard, so it’s kinda hard to build much up, but I figured out that I can make a nice sweet and ashy, like pink guava or horned cucumber plus black fire, honeybee alpine strawberry and dnb, honeysuckle and shade, but I also use lot of just tobacco too, Tuscan reserve, 7leaves, American gold, few of the flv tobacco flavors. So im usually looking for ‘tobacco’ flavors, spices, herb, vegetables, weird stuff I can build something new, without using much cream or cookie type stuff, I really don’t know how to explain it. I was a smoker, Ryo, cigar, pipe, so it’s still where I’m often happy, but the sweets are good too with some tobacco like flavors, not having lot of luck with tobacco absolute, but I think I’m gonna make it work after while, and looking for more on that line, it feels like dnb and ta are related, but idk