Inawera Flavours

I use quite a lot of Inawera flavorings & I love them.
But I have a big issue with their packaging. They do not have any bottle sizes between 10ml & 100ml - too little or too much for me, and I think , for many other home DIY mixers. The other issue is they encase 10ml bottles in heavy plastic blisters with an absolutely uninformative booklet inside, which adds to the plastic pollution and also about 40% to the weight of the product, so we have to pay more for shipping.
I have complained to them a couple of times, they answered that they would consider my concerns, but nothing happened so far.
Could be if more members of the DIY community expressed similar concerns to them, it would move them to change something.


Check for shops that are selling rebottled inw (like nomnomz or rainbowvapes in UK).

You have a good point there regarding that plastic, but i wouldn’t expect too much cooperation from inawera. Good luck.


Also, Chef’s Flavours in the UK sells 30 ml bottles. Not all the flavors come in this size but the more popular ones do.


Also check out They’re cheaper than chefs but overall have a little less choice.