Inawera Lemon Cake - Oil based?


Can those with INW Lemon Cake please do a drop test in water for oils?

Mine is leaving a little disc of oil when I do the drop test.


I don’t have this flavour, however, If you can find the msds sheet for this it will confirm your query. I had a quick look for you but couldn’t find it. From my other fruit flavours where I have seen the msds sheets they do all contain 1-5% oil so may be that your batch was taken from a larger batch that had been sitting for too long and you got some of the oily layer that could possibly form.

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I will do a water test later tonight and report back


Thanks @mixologist13

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Yeap. Just mixed this standalone a few days ago. Never seen anything like it.

I’ve got about 100 flavors (though hardly any of 'em are fruits - as mentioned above) and the only one that ever got cloudy on me was FA’s Espresso.

Warmed up the Lemon Cake twice (on different days) and gave it a good shake… still suffered a Lava Lamp effect the next day :wink:

Tasty as hell though!

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Essential oils in natural flavourings can separate, and need shaking constantly before using them as a concentrate and during steeping once mixed and before adding to your tank before vaping. these type of oils are used regularly in “Natural Flavours” and from my limited understanding aren’t dangerous to vape as they are not lipid long as they are not solvent based, but have been distilled or in the case of citrus fruits usually cold pressed.

I have no idea if this is what is being used in this particular concentrate. But if you contact he is usually very helpful and will answer any queries or worries you have about their products, from past experiences.

This is another reason I try to buy direct from a manufacturer where possible. As I trust the level of oil in my 10ml of concentrate or whatever size bottle is correct for that proportionate size of bottle. Oil in concentrates tend to sit at the top in my experience and unless shaken before use will stay separated so you can varying amounts of oil in your initial mix because of this which effects the finished flavour and strength of flavour you can end up with in your mix, even though I am using the same amount of that concentrate in different mixes.

Would a vendor rebottling a 100ml or 1 litre bottle of concentrate shake vigorously before decanting into 10ml bottles? Or if I get some of the last bottles of the decant am |I likely to get a higher proportion of oil than an earlier decanted bottle? iyswim.

We have several concentrate manufacturers on here Walt @ Realflavours springs to mind. Maybe Daath could approach him to write a post explaining “Natural Flavours” and essential oils and what is safe to vape and what isn’t when it comes to oils. I would certainly find it helpful and maybe others.

P.S. If this was to happen a post on the safety of Palm Based VG would be also useful?


We must have the same OCDs :blush: I swear… I could have written that sentence word for word.

But now that you mention it, both the flavors I mentioned were originals. Caffé was straight from FlavourArt Italy and the Lemon Cake was from in original INAWERA packaging & bottling.


I’ve been told the original bottles of INW Lemon Cake has ‘contains oils’ on the labels?

That info is definitely not on the rebottled one I have.

You’re right! Never thought to check. On the back of the card inside the blister pack it says:

“Contains lemon oil, citral, orange oil”

I’m no stranger to ingredients lists but I have to admit I’ve never heard of “citral” before…

(not written on the actual bottle BTW)

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess the flavor is PG-based and just contains a little bit of these oils (rather than actually being oil-based)

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I would love to see this accomplished ! It would be such a service to the DIY community if we had better direction on what these clasifications actually mean.

Does oil based flavoring only mean it’s the extracted oil from the source with no carriers such as alcohol or pg ect. Or does it mean a generic technique that a million different types of extracts nature or artificial can fall under. I wish we knew the true descriptions behind these labels we would make informed decisions !

@Walt_RealFlavors I’d love to see the break down of what an extraction means nature vs artificial oil based vs water soluble. Your thoughts on Oil Based flavors that aren’t Lipid based ?

@amovapeteam if you can plug in some info it would be an honor ! You have a wide variety of OS flavorings. We’d love to hear more on !


Some more info here and here.
Orange, lemon, and lime essential oils do not contain lipid (they are on the safe side).