Inawera Variations

Had my eye on a few Inawera flavors, some of them being Wera Garden (Only tried the WG Coffee and BLEH, avoid if you can!). I have also purchased regular and shisha before, but I was wondering if anyone knew exactly what the differences were between the different types of Inawera flavors.

I heard the Shisha is better made to withstand heat, but I am not sure this is accurate.

I have seen TDM, Shisha, YC, For Pipe, and the regular ones. Any I am missing?

I found this, but wasn’t sure if there was more information not included in that thread (such as the YC type).

What is everyone’s take on the differences in each line of Inawera?

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I can’t give an extensive rundown on the properties of each category (as I’m still working my way through them as time and money permit). But what I can offer is a fairly thorough listing of the groupings…

  • standard line (e-aromat)
    (typically used between 2-3%)

  • Koncentrat
    (expected to use at slightly lower %'s than above)

  • Yummy Classic (YC)
    (their ‘specialty’ flavor line, think Creme Brulee, or other complex flavors: ie bubble gum where different colors are different flavors)

  • Wera Gardens (WG)
    (not sure how to assess this yet, as I don’t have enough experience with it, though a lot of their tobaccos seem to fall in here, as do “planting” based: coconut, Raspberry, strawberry, banana, etc. So the whole ‘grown’ theme may seem to be the inspiration. Just a guess) :wink:

  • Shisha
    (their 'premium flavorings, where I assume they’re using higher quality components, hence the additional cost. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if the process itself is different - think cold pressed - [though this is strictly a guess] Translation IMO: their most accurate representation of a flavor)

  • Tino D’Milano (TDM)
    (a signature series, mixed ‘out of house’ but authorized by, and in conjunction with Inawera)

Feel free to correct me (always game to expand the old noodle) on any of them, and apologies if I’ve missed a grouping. Just trying to list them from memory.

In the end, it’s all marketing, but the above is my take on them (as I currently understand, and view what I’ve tasted).

Looking forward to others input as well!


@bluenose63 may also be able to assist - I know he does some testing for Inawera.