Inawera's Cactus


I ordered the Inawera Cactus and received a brown flavoring and to me it taste a little bit like coffee. Does this flavoring is brown and is it possible that I taste a kind of coffee with it? What I have is strong enough to fit what I’ve read about Cactus but I’m not sure about the taste. I would like to know because it’s my first time with Cactus and I’m not sure if I received the good one and if there was a mistake in my order.

Thank for your comments.

I’m pretty sure that it is NOT supposed to be brown. I have a feeling you were sent coffee instead of cactus and I would contact the company you bought it from about it. Cactus doesn’t taste anything like coffee. It’s a very juicy, green, almost floral/aloe tasting flavor.


I completely second what JoJo says…I am most postie that is NOT cactus. Mistakes happen…


The cactus i had from inawera was pretty much clear, not brown, and definitely nothing coffee-ish about it.


You proved that my doubt was true.

Thank you very much.


I agree with the others , hopefully this pic will help as well.The taste IMO from the bottle is strong floral and reminds me of a strong ginger ale.


@jd_free Yes, mine would be just like @BoyHowdy pic…and no resemblance to coffee…in color or flavor.
Do you have a pic of the bottle/label?


Personally I love cactus INW. I put it a lot of my fruity vapes.

Some would say it adds green type flavor…like the rind of a watermelon. Some say it tastes like aloavera.

I did a smell test of my bottles. No coffee notes at all.

Where did you get your cactus INW from?