Inawera's new Flavors

Greetings my long time fellow ELR-ers! It’s been quite some time since I have made an appearance, so long in fact that I am just a mere member now and no longer have access to our super-duper private bat cave :frowning:

I have a package coming from Poland and it appears patience is not a virtue I hold. Among the goodies I have in route, I have INW’s new custard, purple rain and pink panther.

I’m not too interested in the custard, for that’s self explanatory, but I am interested if anyone has yet to try the Purple Rain or Pink Panther? I’mm not sure what to expect from these two and if anyone can give me an idea on their profile that would be great! If not I will try to pop on and give my own review of it when they come in.

I hope all my regs are doing good, @Amy2, @JoJo, @Josephine_van_Rijn, @SthrnMixer, @Whiterose0818, @daath, @Ken_O_Where - just to name a few.



I dunno… Considering Ina’s other flavorings…I’m really excited about it! Especially since it doesn’t contain the word vanilla in front of it. >< lol

Welcome back, and nice to meet you!


Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m very excited about it as well!! I just meant that I didn’t need an explanation on what it was, unlike the others :wink:

I have been hoping for more of the cream/desserts from INW for a while now! I’m a fan of their creme brulee, so I’m sure this won’t disappoint!

Nice to meet you as well!


Yeah…I’m sold on INA (in general).
Raspberry is awesome, Peach is off the charts (but has a TH that I ‘endure’ because it’s just so goood), Chocolate Cream I would almost run over a family member to get through the door for…and several others that I have, that are still on deck to try!
LOVE me some INA! XD

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Yeah their peach is divine! Outside of their tobaccos, I have pretty much their entire line and can’t say a bad thing about them. The only ones I don’t care for are the blueberry and shisha bilberry, which are almost identical. That just comes down to a personal preference though and I respect it for what it is.

@DarthVapor I got the email with the new flavors and wanted to get them. Matter of fact I have been wanting to buy from them direct for a while. Maybe you can help with that because how do you do it? They don’t have a way to convert to Dollars. So How do you buy their flaves?

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I typically order direct from which has a conversion right on their site. You can also translate the page to English in your browser. I only use google chrome, which you can just right click and select “translate to English”

This time I ordered from because the e-aroma didn’t have the custard (They do now) but I have gotten familiar with the polish conversion, so I do not know if they have one on their site? The easiest way is to use;
Which I have already set up for you. I have found to have better prices and the shipping is ridiculously fast! Just make sure you use DHL, which is a little more money but people have had issues using a different courier.

Hope that helps!

Also, use coupon code INAWERA for direct and you get 15% off!


Cool. Thanks Bro. Ya I check the site out often and even emailed them: Inawera. They say they do not have a conversion yet. Actually the site is a bit confusing at first. But thanks for the set up and the info. I for sure going there right now to get those flavors as well. Love the names Pink Panther, Purple Rain? how could you go wrong?
Anywho, thanks again. Peace Love and Happiness

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Hey ! I have not gotten either of them. I heard someone saying on here that they were getting all 3 of them but haven’t heard any reviews just yet. The purple rain & pink panther sound intriguing to me. Look forward to hearing more on them.


That’s why I got them :slight_smile: I’m just hoping the rain isn’t a grape! I can’t stand anything flavored grape, but I love grapes? Haha. I am really hoping for a unique flavor out of them, instead of a traditional fruit. I’ll let you know when they arrive!


Ok sounds good. I wonder if the Pink Panther is a raspberry / strawberry cream .


New customers always get 15% off and welcome back stranger :grinning:[quote=“DarthVapor, post:5, topic:75531”]

[quote=“DarthVapor, post:1, topic:75531”]
purple rain and pink panther
[/quote]Can’t help you there, pink panther just says fruit explosion and purple rain nothing. The picture looks like it might have something floral too though, if you’re lucky!

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top o’the morning to you, my bruthah…
someone posted some info on a different thread, info i had seen before, but couldnt remember where…

or this version:
king of desserts, reasonably sweet and nicely creamy

Strawberry, rhubabrb, red currant

Violet, vanilla

Forest fruits with a hint of eucalpyptus

Another refreshing, fruity flavour in the set

hit me with a PM…or ima find you like the last time! update me on the life and times, yo!


Hey buddy!!! So good to see your name pop up on here.

I haven’t ordered anything new so can’t chime in, although I’m always interested in giving most anything with strawberry in it a go.

Perched in my tree stand, watching. Watching. :slight_smile:

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Heya stranger. Good to see ya again. Would also love an update if you get time, but I’m sure things are busy. No help from here on the flavors, sorry! But, I’m looking forward to hearing what you think. :slight_smile:

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Well damn bro! There’s my answer right there! I guess I have been away so long I forgot how the search option worked! Hahaha! I just skimmed the topics and didn’t see anything. You can text me any time my man :wink:

Pink panther looks great and I know that’s up your alley too @Amy2, as well as the Rain.

@Josephine_van_Rijn. This was my first time ordering through them and not earoma and I remember you telling me this. After I went through the checkout process I didn’t see any new customer discounts, so I did a google search for coupons and applied that one. Checkout was a biotch though. I was trying paypal and because inw doesn’t ask for a state and only a zip code/city, paypal wouldn’t load. I kept getting incorrect city/state, so I had to pay a different way. After an hour of screaming at the screen, it was placed.

@JoJo things are going good! My new venture seems to be working out good and we are crunching to get everything in by the August 8th deadline but nothing but good things there. I’m looking to move pretty soon and get out of where I’m at after years of living with a psycho. That same psycho who emailed me unexpectedly, giving up her rights to my son?! So it looks like I will have full custody and freedom to move anywhere! I must say, I thought hell would freeze over first! Just goes to show how crazy she can be and her multi-personalities! I also bought a new car so I’m pretty happy about that too :wink:

I’ll PM you guys soon and give ya a more detailed update and when I get these flavors this week, I will let you know what I think!

Thanks guys and gals!


Good to hear. I agree that the pink panther and purple rain sound really interesting if they are what it sounds like they are. :slight_smile: Look forward to hearing more.

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Good to hear from you, brother :slight_smile: Sorry to say, I haven’t been around very much myself. Slowly getting a bit back into it :stuck_out_tongue: Good thing I have a lot of liquids steeping, because I haven’t mixed much recently either - just my good old must-have ;D


So it turns out you ARE human after all and do have a life outside of here :wink:
I know what you mean with the mixing!! I haven’t created anything new (for myself) or posted anything in months!! I’m focused on the project when I do have a chance and like you, I’m glad I have enough steeped liquids to last! It seems a waste of my thousands of flavors though and yet I keep getting more :wink:

Good to hear from ya Lars


My man! So good to see you resurfaced. I wasn’t aware of these flavors but am looking forward to hearing about them. Please keep us posted and while its OK to be strange, don’t be a stranger.

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