Incase anyone still doubts the Joyetech Ego AIO

Clip of me chain vaping my Joyetech Ego AIO


That looks pretty good, I’m glad I pushed the buy button on that one. They had them last sunday at Cigabuy for around $12. Going to give one to my sister as an upgrade to her iClear 16, I’m sure she’ll be pleased. Hopefully it will keep her off the cigarettes permanently.

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I just bought my dad an AIO. It’s pretty surprising. I normally use a crowntank on a IPV2, but this thing is a nice stealth vape. Flavor isn’t too bad, same with clouds.


I bought two of them to give to new vapers. They are by FAR, the best starter setup I’ve come across yet!!
Also great little mod to take out publicly. I love them. So EASY to use and they vape very nice.


I think it’s perfect for new and seasoned vapers. Anyone wanting start vaping I think the AIO is the way to go.