Increased precision in percentage and date favorited

Hey guys,

A few more small updates: Percentages are now precise to 0.01% instead of 0.1% - a few people have requested this, and I’ve been meaning to support this for a while.

Favorites now has a date added. On “My page” the favorites are displayed in a latest-added-first-order. Unfortunately I don’t have data on existing favorites, so they’re blank. If you want dates on them, go into each one, de-favorite then favorite again…

At this point I’m eager to just remove stuff from my todo-list :wink:

Happy vaping!


Seems like you’re doing fine! Thanks Lars, again.


We’re all glad that you don’t have my mantra of “Why do today, what you can put off til tomorrow”, coupled with drinking lots of coffee in bed and binge watching series shows on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and PBS, then spending the rest of the time on a DIY forum! You’d never get anything done.


So now I can do .25% instead of having to go .2 or .3? Excellent!


Exactly :smile: Even .27% if you wanted to :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sweeeet! Thank You!

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@daath Don’t want to add to your To-Do list but I have a suggestion regarding comments that have been left for a recipe. Is there some kind of notification when someone leaves a comment under one of your recipes or if someone replies to a comment that you left for them?

I know sometimes I get an email but not always. I don’t know if it’s cause I pretty much always have the site open so it figures I seen the comment or what but I will be reviewing one of my recipes and see a comment/question that was added a week or two ago and I know I didn’t get a notification for it.

Can you add a way to track comments? Maybe add a column to the table on My Page so it has Recipe Name … Created … Ratings … Comments?

Damn @Jimk that sounds a lot like my routine


Great job Lars!

You should always get an email with a notification. Check your spam folder…

I thought about that but just one problem … I don’t have a spam filter. (Haven’t got around to adding one through my site provider yet)

Ok, that’s odd then…

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I don’t know who your ISP is but if you do not have a spam/junk folder they may have it actually blocked. A friend was using a provider that he found out was taking it upon themselves to block unknown/trusted emails because he found it strange this day n age to not have a junk folder. Long story short he kicked them to the curb because they were actually blocking potential employers he had sent emails to

My email is tied into my own website and my host provider. I can set it up with one, just haven’t got around to doing it. You would think that after having it since 2003 I would of got around to setting it up … lol. Good thing I don’t own ELR, nothing would get done :wink:


On my page how do you put recipe in favorite’s?

Click the small heart beside the stars, on a recipe :smile:

Thank you daath
Worked like a charm!

While you’re here Lars, I didn’t want to start a thread just for this question: Is there a way to clear all the rating stars to ‘none’? I have some that I clicked by mistake, but I’d like to use 0 stars for recipes that I haven’t made yet. I know I could ‘adapt’ and then delete the original, but then I will lose my ‘Date Added’ info and other comments I’ve made on the original entry.

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Not at the moment, but it’s on my list! :smile:

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