Increasing Flavor for Weaker Devices

I have a customer on a small mod/tank combo vaping 6mg nic juices at like 15 watts. He is wanting me to increase the flavor in my recipes. I have explained to him that he needs to upgrade his devices. But for the time being I was considering upping the flavors for him just a tad. Anybody else deal with this when making juice for others? What would you recommend? I think most of the flavors I use in the juices he likes can be raised safely. But I would rather he upgrade his device. But then again, he is comparing my juice to others he has vaped. So I am willing to make him some other versions until he does upgrade.

If you make your juices using flavor bases you’ve created, it’d be easy to increase by a couple of percent. I wouldn’t go much higher than that though.

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That is a good idea. The things he wants need some steeping though. One of them I already have 8oz on hand. It is my favorite recipe. I think I am just going to take him my mod and tell him to try it and watch his eyes light up. Maybe then he will get it.


That may be the best idea…


This is the right thing to do !!! There is a old saying I’m sure you’ve heard before and that is “The Customer Is Always Right”. If you are allowed to continue to make juice for people there will come a day when someone using equipment on the lines of a Aromamizer and a RX200 will ask you to up the flavor. Face it people are all different. Here’s a good comparsion…

A young lady likes to take a little dab of perfume right near her ear. The other lady likes to bath in it (Exaggeration, but sometimes I wonder). People are like this with taste as well. The best thing is to say, “Sure, I can add a little more flavor for you”. “I would also like to let you know that a equipment upgrade in the future would have you swimming in flavor”. First, keep that customer happy, it’s a must. Then make suggestions since they are now happy and more willing to listen…


Henry Ford once said “If I had asked them what they wanted, they’d have asked for a faster horse.”

I don’t disagree with you on giving them what they want. But I don’t believe the customer is always right. Matter of fact I think it’s a large part of what’s wrong in the U.S. today. We have an uneducated consumer base that thinks they know everything and are always right. Partly because they’ve been told to believe they are always right. It never hurts to plant seeds, educate them on things they don’t know about, and even let them take a hit from your mod to expose them to what their missing out on.

Oh, and sometimes they are actually right and know their needs better than someone else might. :wink:


Don’t think I’m saying there is not a line the customer can not cross. Of course there is! There’s something to be said for those who make the customer think he is right while showing the customer just how wrong they are. That my friend is a salesman…


I am making him some upped flavor recipes tonight. But I am also trying to educate him about his devices. That is something I wanted someone to do for me when I started. Rather than just selling me the “next step up”, I wanted the biggest and baddest I could get. But maybe the stepping up was easier than just going for a 150w mod and cloud generator. So I informed him a better tank and mod would do wonders for flavor. And I suggested I could help him into a better device. He is as eager to learn as I was. But with this guy it is helping him quit smoking. And he loves it.

He said he loved the juices I gave him. And I gave him like fifteen 5ml samples. He has brought me two new customers already, and three more are on the way. So I am going to do whatever this guy asks of me. I have no problem with that at all.

So should I just do a flavor base and up the entire percentage of flavoring?

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Yup, and I know you are one of those that spends the time to educate.

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I craft some of my juices for a little Aspire tank with the BVC insert coil…Based on the idea that larger coil and wick area (as in my Goblin Mini) provide better flavor…I have to increase my flavor %s by quite a bit to accomodate the small Aspire tank with BVC insert coil on an eGo battery stick…An example of this is something like this…FA Forest Fruit Standalone…For my small Aspire, I need to mix the Standalone Forest Fruit at around 15% to 17% taking into consideration the small coil/wick size and lower battery power, which goes to about 5 Volts…For my Goblin Mini…I can mix the same Standalone Forest Fruit at 9% and vape it at about 10- 15 watts for a kick ass “in your face bold flavor” on my 30Watt E-Leaf I-Stick…I also have to take into consideration PG/VG ratios…I don’t mix max VG or drip on RDAs at super High power with large coils and wick material…I am in the 40/60 PG/VG ratio, which is still a bit less PG than vape shops who cater to new vapors who typically vape 70/30 PG/VG which carries more flavor …and they are cranking about 20% flavoring to cater to the new vapors who buy the “Starter” eGo sticks with the small tank/coil combos…New equipment for your guy would certainly be the approach I would take, as it would certainly save you the pains of going through testing various PG/VG ratios and flavor % experimentation…In short I have found that coil/wick surface area/power, along with PG/VG ratios are the 2 biggest contributing factors to flavor percentages used and desired taste…AND vaping experience…In the long run, it seems to me that educating him on equipment would be the route to take…Added Benefit: Those BVC coil inserts for the small Aspire-like tanks get real expensive to replace, as compared to the virtues of a simple RTA coils cost to re-build and wick…Something like the LemoDrop is simple to build…and perhaps you may need to teach him how to re-build…but somehow I got the feeling Lord, that you get off on this stuff anyway, and would find great joy in teaching… :slightly_smiling:

On this topic the customer is right though. I have several friends who still vape low watts and have no desire to go up :slight_smile:

They didn’t have any desire for anything but faster horses either. :wink:
They didn’t want to get rid of floppy disks and had no need for wifi either.
LordVapor will do what’s right for the customer. Which was more my point. The customers not always right, but you can always try to do what’s right for the customer. It wasn’t a comment on LV’s scenario as much as the concept of customer is always right. It was tongue in cheek and I think/hope Ringling took it that way.

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Let him hit an Aromamizer and he’ll get it for sure. That or his head will explode…
Either would be entertaining. LOL

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The flavor bases suggestion is a good one. For me, not always to increase an amount of flavor, but to try it at a reduced flavor level. Some mixes can burn you out in a hurry with too much flavor. IMHO, the CWS version of Unicorn Milk is this way. I did a test mix of different percentages of base and was surprised on how good it tasted even mixed at low levels. A recipe that calls for 16.5% total flavor mixed from a flavor base at only 10% is surprisingly good and is much less likely to burn out the taste buds.

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I may take a few devices for him to try out. I wanted him to bring his so I could see what he has. He told me but I wasn’t sure what it was.

The last selling point that convinced me to upgrade was testing out the liquid on those devices.

My aspire nautilus mini was great. Great flavor and all. But when I used a subohm tank I noticed more of the tiny hidden flavors like a touch of brown sugar, a caramel and the like.

That’s when I made the move and decided I was a flavor chaser. I’ve been happy ever since.


I used to do that very well when I was a salesman working on commission. I never lied, I just showed a better way.

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I still like my wattage low lol, I have three different mods that go up to 70. 30 is the highest I can go. Any higher and it just makes me feel sick lol no nicotine either