Increasing Flavor Percentages

Let’s say I find a recipe with three flavors I want to mix, but the three flavors only add up to 10%. I like bold flavors, would I be safe to double each flavor to total 20% ?

Hmmm, are you actually questioning the SAFETY of doubling the flavor in your blend? Well regardless, it is safe to say that you can double the flavors to make 20%, Keep in mind that many times percentages are low because of the use of very concentrated flavors such as Flavour Arts (FA) flavors. Doubling the percentages of their flavors just might curl the hair on your toes. If you were to say substitute a Flavour Arts flavor with a TFA or a FW flavor, it could be necessary to double the flavor %s since they could be less concentrated. It might be best to try the recipe as is in a small batch. You can then make a better guess at just how much stronger you want the flavor. It’s a lot easier if you worry about waste, to vape a juice that turned out weak then it is to vape a juice that the flavor overpowers you. Remember, you can up each flavor by 1%, or 2%, or so on just as easily…


Thanks, that certainly makes sense.

I agree with ringling. Oft time adding to mute of a particular flavor will actually mute it. All my recipes are made for RDA’s, i only use RDA’s. So i suggest people using tanks start with the original and add flavorings 1% at a time. Also, when i make a custard recipe it is VERY heavy on the custard, i absolutely love Vanilla Custard (CAP) V1.

Keep in mind most flavors are PG based, the more PG the less clouds and the greater the throat hit. I use as little PG as possible.

I’d say try the 10% first before you add more. It might be just fine. You can always add more. You might also want to wait a few days before it steeps a bit. Flavors often change, some get stronger some weaker. At least in my experience.

Agreed! You can always add more later, but you can’t take it out once it is in there. I guess you could dilute it but that sounds like a lot of hassle. :slight_smile:

My opinion…Make it like the recipe calls for unless you know ahead of time the flavor/vendor specifics and know it will be weak. Try it. You could be surprised. You can always add more but thinning too-strong liquid makes the brain hurt trying to figure out what you ended up with percentage wise. For me at least…I still count on my fingers! Hehe

Thanks folks, good advice which I will take. My friends in Diagon Alley also tend to agree with you.