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Increasing Nic Percentage


Hi guys

Recently I have found I’m getting very little nicotine hit from my juices (either throat hit or cravings being satisfied). I’ve been storing it correctly( amber bottles, freezer etc) and mix it with 70/30 base. I’m on 3mg at the moment but am thinking of increasing it to 4.5mg to satisfy those nic cravings.

Has this ever happened to anyone where you have had to increase your nic strength? Just wondering.


Instead of increasing why don’t you try switching to nic salts?

All my juices nowdays are 3mg or 1.5mg nic salts, and they completely satisfy my cravings. One thing I noticed with salts is that they don’t tend to oxidize in the mix (or perhaps they do but the mix doesn’t change the color) unlike freebase mix, and he more it oxidizes, the less actual nic hit you get.


It’s not unusual for people to tweak their nic up or down occasionally. Keep in mind if you try the salts you will lose th, salts are much smoother. You can order hit salts or freebase. Might try those. I personally keep a higher nic juice made up with flavors that don’t fade for those cravings.


I started at 12mg a few years ago, then went to 9mg, then 7mg, over the next year or so. I wasn’t having any craving issues, so I dropped it to 4mg. I started feeling anxious, stressed, and just generally ‘off’. It never occurred to me that it was nicotine withdrawl, because the previous reductions went so smoothly. Once the light went off (at 64 even when it goes off, it’s dim), I bumped the nic up to 5mg and things have smoothed out again.

In my case, I was MTL and using freebase nic. I wouldn’t worry about bumping it up a little. Like everything else in vaping, it’s fine tuning the variables, to find whatever works for you.


Personally I am using 3mg. I do make a base with zero flavour at 5mg for when I need a little stronger nic.


Don’t sweat it @pgall I’ve been @ 3mg for a while, but every once in a while I spike mine up to 4.5 too.


I use 2 nic strength, 3mg for my daily use, and 9mg for when the cravings hit me. sometimes 0mg.


hahaha that is 3 - sorry couldn’t resist


Yea, I just realized some of my older mixes are 0mg…


Over the 4 years since I began vaping: 24–>18(began sub-ohming)–>12–>8–>now at 5mg and that’s where I’m staying. Making the slide downwards was fairly easy but I’m pretty sure 3mg won’t cut it.


Ah dude 3mg would be fine you just need the right RDA



LOL…ok you convinced me!