I was thinking of buying an incubator for my DIY e-liquid I have looked about for information on this but haven’t seen much, and was wondering what anyone else thought of this.?
any information would be a great help. I know there are other methods ie crock pot, ultrasonic and so on thought to me this is adding heat so I thought it would be better to use and incubator to heat it and stir it now and then. MY method would be 30 min’s at 30/40 degrees incubation then stirred on a magnetic stirrer, and repeat for another 30mins.:sunglasses:


I’m sure it would work, but I’d rather spend that cash on some new flavors! :wink: I personally don’t heat any of my mixes though, so there’s that.
Side note, I totally am picturing you checking in on the little incubator bottles like baby chicks. how ya doin’ in there my little jucies?
:laughing: :hatched_chick:


The mag stirrer on its own will heat the juice anyway from the friction of the little bar. It seems like one of those things where, if you already have the incubator, it’ll be interesting to try and probably won’t hurt the juice. A lot of people who use the crock pot or USC already have them and use them for a ton of other things.


I would buy a slow cooker or a crock pot. You can warm your liquid on the metal plate and still cook with the ceramic pot.

I’ve used microwaved dry white rice in a bowl and a AA battery powered milk frother for years. Just last month I graduated to a $10 rice cooker from the Salvation Army thrift store.

I’m in league with @VapeyMama with regards to my cash … my money is better spent on real tobacco for my NET extractions. But, if you have the expendable funds, knock yourself out with buying vape toys. :grinning: Me… moths fly out of my wallet when it’s opened! :rofl:

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When I first started mixing I wanted instant gratification, and thought that heat would help me achieve it. Well, it does, but not in a process like usc or crock. I simply put it in some warm tap water for a few to warm it up then shake the holy crap out of it then crack the top slightly open and let the bubbles settle. I don’t mix my juice in bulk and so I mix for on the spot vaping. I’d say 95% of my mixes are flavored to be shake and vape recipes. I run out, I go make a bottle. that’s all I do, no rocket science here just mix to taste and enjoy since I only mix what I need immediately nothing gets the chance to age a day or two tops, unless I miss place the bottle and happen to find it weeks later if ever lmao

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I give it a shake, stick it in my vape drawer and… wait. Then I… wait some more… and finally… I wait. :sunglasses: