Indiana snow

My back yard as of 2:04 Saturday November 21st


I live in Terre Haute. I don’t think we got quite as much.

That stupid snow storm delayed delivery of my scheduled vape mail for the day.

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Things I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving season.

A chunk of snow, about the size of a loaf of bread, fell out of the tree, as I was cleaning off my wife’s Jeep.

I’m thankful it hit me in the shoulder, and didn’t go down the back of my neck.

I’m outside of Warsaw In. Where you at?

I’m just outside of Detroit.

(Not too far from Big_Benny_MI)

We got 7 maybe 8 inches of snow. You a mushroom hunter? I am

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Looking at my scientific snow depth monitoring equipment (the backyard picnic table), I’d guess about 5 inches or so, here.

No, but from what I understand, that’s a popular thing in northern MI.

Is it done for the winter? I’m west central.

I am west central. Terre Haute. Where are you?

40 min north of u. Waveland, Crawfordsville area.

Ahh. I have been through there quite a bit. I used to live in Mecca. And I used to drive to Lafayette pretty often.

How are your vape shop shelves looking. Ours in town here appears to be clearing out the inventory. Some of the smaller ones around Indy do too. I’m ordering as much Nic as I figure the wife and I can use in 2 years or so. Maybe regs will change by then???

Valley Vapor in Terre Haute is growing. They don’t seem to be too concerned.

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Cravinvapes out of Fortwayne just built a new store in Huntington. They said there good to go.

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I spoke to the owner of Sir-Vapes-A lot in Indy. He said basically all they have to do to continue mixing is buy the license, put security cameras in the lab so big brother can watch, and keep inspections looking good. He said they can come in and grab any bottle of juice off of your shelf and send it off for testing. But he seemed OK with everything.

I knew the snow couldn’t be over yet. Maybe mushrooms will be good this year.