Indigo's Flavors

I still haven’t found a tobacco flavor I’m in love with. My favorite tobacco e-;liquids come from Indigo. I’m not necessarily looking to make a clone of any of their stuff, I just want to know what they’re using to create their stuff. Planning on throwing in some other accents and whatnot.

What kind of tobacco flavor are you looking to love? Can you give me an example from the Indigo line which you like?

I didn’t go more into because the two I like most are complete opposites (and I’ve never had a flavor of theirs I didn’t like. My two favorites are their RY4 (not the classic, never had it) and Oprah. Complete opposites, right? :slight_smile:

@Jimk and @daath are the resident tobacco experts. :wink: I’m not even a tobacco fan and I’ve made a couple of Jim’s recipes and they’re fantastic. They do take some time to age and I let mine ‘breathe’ for a day.

I’m not sure what RY4 Indigo uses, but my favorite is TPA’s RY4 Double. To me, it is kind of vanilla-y and caramel-y but with an undertone of soy sauce. I know that sounds crazy and disgusting, but that’s the only way I know how to describe it and I love it. Of course, taste is subjective. LoL. There seems to be as many RY4 brands as there are vendors.

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For RY4, there’s RocketPuppy’s RY4. I haven’t tried it myself, but it’s supposedly very good :smile:


It’s pretty stinkin good…you should try it! Definitely one of my favorites. :smile:


I forgot to link to RocketPuppy’s own, updated version:

After reading the reviews on the Indigo website for OOHRAH!, it kinda makes me want to order a bottle and give it a try! Love my tobacco vapes!

Here is what I can tell you @etchie; if you are looking to clone this juice, you will probably be disappointed in your results. Just don’t go there! I’ve been trying to clone my fav juice of all time, Bobas Bounty by Alien Visions for as long as I’ve been mixing; I’ve found it to be impossible! So, I just buy BB when it’s on sale, enjoy it while it lasts and find comfort in the fact that I can create other really dynamic, enjoyable tobacco vapes from scratch with my own hands. Took me a while to let go of the notion of cloning BB, but I’ve released and moved on! Sanity restored.

Now, as for creating something you will enjoy; read the hell out of reviews for tobacco flavors, buy it if you think it sounds good and mix it. If after you’ve mixed it and find its not enjoyable…put it in the back of the bin (don’t throw it away; your tastes may change over time!) and start the process over. Eventually, you’ll hit on a flavor you love! Just takes time, money and patience!

I’m replying to you but thanks also to everyone else that responded. I’m going to be checking out that recipe.

That’s exactly why I don’t plan on trying to clone it. I doubt I could get a flavor so spot on that I wouldn’t ever have to order it again. I was just thinking about a place to start and the tobacco part made the most sense. Though there are other elements to Oorah, the tobacco is strong in this one. Anytime someone says they are looking for a tobacco vape I always refer them to Indigo. I think the daunting part to me is that I smoked for 16 years and was the type of smoker that never stopped enjoying it, but I was by no means a tobacco connoisseur. When I go through all the tobacco flavors they have all types of real tobacco and I really don’t know the difference between any of them. Arabic, Turkish, etc. I’ve smoked plenty of Turkish Delights but never really noticed that big of a taste difference. I’m also horrible at describing flavor, so that doesn’t help.

On a tobacco related note, have you tried Inawera Peanut Tobacco? I got some from the last juice order I made (Bull City, if that matters). The stuff is INCREDIBLE! I was just hoping to make my own concoction starting with a tobacco base and nothing else (like a premixed RY4 or something). :slight_smile:

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Yes! Of the handful of RY4’s I’ve gotten, TPA’s is definitely the best! Great stuff.

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Haven’t gotten around to trying that one yet. Pea-nutty tobacco vapes have never really grabbed me that much. I like them, but wouldn’t consider it an all day vape for myself. You’d like the new FA Glory, if you like the INA peanut tobacco. Super nice tobacco nutty flavor; you can mix it as a stand alone flavor for sure.

Not tobacco related but I am the same way with Colossus by Cyclops Vapor. Been trying for a long time to replicate but just never ever come close. Seventy dollars for a 125ml bottle. Only with that 25% off code tho!

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I’ll have to check that out. You can taste the peanuts in INW but it’s mostly tobacco. I’m actually curious if people would immediately taste the peanuts if they weren’t told they were there. Either way, it’s like a tobacco with something a biit savory (though, like I said, the peanuts are definitely there). I haven’t tried it yet but I want to create a mix with it and just treat it like a tobacco.

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Me too
I can’t figure out the flavors in collosus
But it is awesome
I have made other advanced custards but just still want to replicate this one let me know if you get close