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Ingredient Profiles of "Tobacco" Flavorings


Thank you kindly for the interesting reference ! Am hot for some “olfaction action”, so I can dig it ! :star_struck: It’s long and verbose (not unlike my posts), so I will be reading it soon, when I have the time to study the text.

A few things that I (think that I) know:

Olfactory is an ancient sense in terms of evolution (as with tactile sense). The neural “wiring” from olfactory sensory receptors (unlike other senses, such as vision) connects directly to (right and left brain) Amygdalas (a very interesting structure in brains, thought to be key in the emotional components of stored and retrieved memories, as well as emotional elements of reactions in the present moment). The so-called “fight or flight” response (which Amygdalas modulate) plays a large part in everyday human experience (ie, foral “battles”).

Nearly all (other) nerve bundles (for reasons hypothesized about, but are anything from being settled) in the body are “cross-wired” (that is, the left side of the body is processed and controlled in the right-hemisphere of the brain, and the right side of the body is processed and controlled in the left-hemisphere of the brain). Not the case for the olfactory pathways, which are “directly wired” from the right and left olfactory receptors and nerves to the right and left brain hemispheric areas, respectively. A (largely) unique neural structure.

The right hemisphere of the brain has (according to some researchers, anyway) been associated more with emotional and “subconscious” thought-processing, whereas the left hemisphere may be functionally more about conscious spatial, mathematical, and other such reasonings. Various schools of thought exist on that, and in the case of left-handed folks (around 10% of the populace), processing is sometimes less “localized”.

So, if you really want to re-connect with fond memories of “grandma’s cookies”, snort it up your right nostril !



Yea it all boils down to you have to “Do it Yourself.” No one can flavor test for you, or tell you how much is right for you, everyone will sense it differently, to some degree, They say by a factor of 1000. They also have an interesting part about Adaptation what some describe as vapors tongue and Habituation why some people can’t taste certain aromas. So Again you really have to “Do It Yourself” if you want to advance to the next level, by single flavor testing @ different levels. In fact some of the most cool unique aromas I found that triggered nice effects where super high %'s like 15%, but it’s hit or miss. :wink:


This old feller has been “doing it myself” for a long time now (so to speak) … though as a result of “prolonged stimulation” as well largely “monotonous stimuli”, it’s more and more of an effort to “get jiggy”.

Hey now, the author is clearly taking a “direct shot” at my (special reserve) “Ectoplasmic Gristle” flavoring (with “subtle hints of Butyric heaven punctuated with passing notes of Putrescine and Cadaverine”). My Amygdalas are “fuming”. Guess I’ll have to perfect my other project, then (“Limburger Cheese Love Fest”).


I notice that with some of the (“Virginia” tobacco) NETs, 10%-15% content appears to be recommended.


My hidden gem is marshmellow TPA at 15%. It’s like walking into a swimming pool at a hotel where you get hit with that nice chlorinated swimmng pool aroma. Give’s me that Im on vacation and relaxation feeling. :partying_face:


Eww. Chlorine fumes - who’d a thunk that. Must have been “grandma’s bleach cleaner” that turned you on ?
Hmm. “Acetoin and Acetyl-Propionyl” in TPA Marshmellow flavoring. Pleasureful with some exposure risks. Have you considered “Hot Buttered Marshmellow Spam” ? Something about that sounds “heavenly” … :sunglasses:

When I was a boy in the 1960s (before all of the vehicle emission control technologies were mandated), I used to love (something) about the smells of bus (deisel?) exhaust fumes (the un-combusted hydrocarbons).

From the referenced text: Even if a rose, with its mixture of flowery and faecal odors, may smell different to each of us, we all have learned to like the smell and to connect it with love and tenderness (and thorns !)

I was fascinated to (previously) learn that “faecal” odors (for instance, from Indole molecules, said in the Merck Manual to make up as much as 40% of our “faecal matter”), are (in tiny concentrations) the most important/enchanting constitutional elements of fine perfumes (such as “Chanel No. 5”) and such things. As well, Indole is the organic chemical precursor to Nature’s own Tryptamines (from “shat” to “enlightenment”).


I forget have to check my secret notes… Swimming pool aroma


(For me), after the whif of Chlorine, it was the (Coconut?) smell of “tanning lotions” that “tripped my trigger”.

PS - The automated “forum net nanny” has ditched the “kudos”, and now questions why we chat so much !



Well than 1 last post for you and another good link for looking up Compounds and BioAssays and Substances. Unless you dont want to visit a big brother site. :rofl:

This is how Koolada TPA 10% WS-3 looks on the site. Cass 39711-79-0

For me… I started testing backwards and at super high %'s. And someone posted a note in my recipe with my tests saying… come on you can’t be serious about these high percents. So I deleted it and kept it for my own private notes, after I saw everyone trying to go lower.