Innokin Axiom and UCan 2, self evident

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The Axiom and UCan 2 were sourced from Innokin!


The UCan 2 has been a very handy addition to my collection. Specifically when I’m out and want to carry a dripper, the UCan 2 is something I’d actually miss if I didn’t have it.
With the iSub series always expanding and having new iterations, the iSub V being the latest, Innokin took a bit of a different path with the Axiom.
The Axiom uses different coilheads and looks a fair bit different too.

But does it work as well as the iSub?
Let’s have a look!

Innokin Axiom tank


  • Available in 3 versions: the regular version, the RTA version (which comes with an RBA head) and the Mini version
  • Available in black or silver
  • 3.5ml capacity (Mini has 2ml capacity)
  • RBA suitable for single and dual coil
  • Three airflow slots
  • Low profile tank
  • Replaceable dual horizontal coilheads

Innokin UCan 2


  • Stainless steel
  • 20ml capacity
  • Springloaded pressurepump
  • Needletip nozzle
  • Locking ring
  • Carrying ring



The Axiom is new territory for Innokin, or at least a venture into a new kind of tank.
Comparing it to the iSub series, the Axiom is a much smaller and more subtlely shaped tank.
This doesn’t mean it’s better or worse than the iSub series, it just means it’s different.

Let’s start at the formfactor of the Axiom, which is a lot different from the iSub series.
It’s kept lower intentionally to provide better flavor from the coilheads and to keep the tank as “low-profile” as possible.
It looks more at home on modern mods and less like a starter tank.
The fact that it looks less like a starter tank doesn’t immediately mean it can’t provide a new vaper with a good experience though, it’s just as easy as the iSub series are.
The coilheads are still easy to swap, filling the tank is still quick and fairly spillproof, and the tank actually puts out quite some flavor.
So without having to sacrifice vaporproduction or flavor, why would you go for the Axiom over let’s say an iSub V? The aesthetics, really.
Because that’s where the biggest difference resides in comparing the two, they both put out an equal amount of flavor and vapor but the Axiom is just smaller and more stealthy.

On top of the Axiom is a wide bore driptip that rounds off the top of the tank quite nicely.
It has one issue though; it’s not a 510 driptip but rather a proprietary one so replacing it might be difficult.
Underneath the driptip is a very narrow piece that makes up the topfill.
Grabbing it with your fingers is practically impossible because there’s not a lot to grab onto, but that’s where the driptip does come in handy.
Below that is the glass section of the Axiom, a small window that gives you a very clear look at how much juice is still in the tank.
On the chimney is a laseretching of the Axiom logo which also shows through the glass, on the other side is the new Innokin logo.
On the very bottom is the airflow ring, which is fully adjustable and features three slots.
The slots are fairly narrow and the airflow isn’t as open as I expected it to be from the Axiom but it does a decent DTL hit, albeit slightly restricted.

For the Europeans living under the tiranny of the TPD2, there’s also a smaller version of the Axiom.
The Axiom Mini is essentially the same tank but smaller with a capacity of 2ml, as dictated by the TPD2 regulations.

That brings us to the most important part of the Axiom, the coilheads and the inevitable RBA head.
The included coilheads are built to a resistance of 0.5ohm, in a dual horizontal coil configuration with regular ol’ Kanthal wire.
The coilheads features 2 big wicking holes that should be able to take pretty much anything up to max VG, but unfortunately I ran into dry hits with anything above 70VG.
Regardless of that, the coilheads do their best work at a much lower power than what I’m used to and that benefits the batterylife of my mods greatly.
Where most of the tanks and RTAs I use sit between 60W and 150W (the iJoy Combo RDTA I’m testing takes 150W without even flinching), the Axiom is happy to sit around 25W and still give me a satisfying vape.

Then we get to the RBA head, which unfortunately I had to fix out of the box because of a stripped post.
Once it was fixed, I struggled to keep my coils in place and tight enough not to have the resistance jumping around.
So take this segment of my review with a grain of salt as I was unable to test it properly.
See… Innokin already tried an RBA once for the iSub series and despite the fancy packaging it was quite honestly not much more than a nuisance.
It was too small to comfortably build on, wicking it resulted either in dryhits or leaking unless it was done juuuuust right.
The Axiom RBA is very similar in that regard, it’s easier because it uses a more traditional way of wicking but it’s still fiddly and annoying to build because of the size.
Once I did get it built, the vape was… underwhelming. It was on par with the prebuilt coils but nothing spectacular.

On to the UCan 2, which deserves an honorable mention in this review despite the fact that there’s very little to tell.
The UCan 2 is a liquid container, or a bottle if you will, in stainless steel that makes life a bit easier for those of us who carry drippers.
It has a springloaded pumping system on the bottom that you can lock with a ring like you would a tube mech.
On top it has a needletip nozzle that fits in even the smallest of tanks and drippers for easy filling/dripping.
The topcap has a ring for easier carrying too, though I wouldn’t advise on carrying it on your keychain because this thing is heavy.
When it’s filled it’s about as heavy as a tube mech in fact, up to the bottom pumping system feeling like a mechanical button.
The fact that it is so heavy does make it a bit less convenient to carry, but the stainless steel will be a lot safer to carry than a glass dropper bottle.
Leaking is stopped by a silicone gasket in the topcap that fits over the nozzle, and the locking ring ensures you don’t pump liquid into your pocket.
Honestly, the UCan 2 seems like a gimmick but it really isn’t. It’s actually tremendously handy if you carry around a dripper setup.


Pros and Cons.


  • Looks great
  • Small formfactor
  • Decent flavor
  • Comes in 3 versions: RTA, Mini and regular
  • Easy filling
  • Easy coilswapping


  • Flavor isn’t spectacular
  • Driptip can’t be replaced
  • Topcap/filling cap is very thing and hard to grab
  • Dryhits with liquids over 70VG

In conclusion.

The Axiom is less than what I expected it to be, but it’s not a bad tank overall.
It provides a decent vape at lower wattages and doesn’t look all that bad on smaller mods with smaller batteries.
Combine this with the Innokin Smartbox and you have a stylish little carrying setup without having to fuss over details.
I wouldn’t replace it if it broke, because it just doesn’t get me excited in any way.
The UCan 2 is surprisingly convenient and has been in my pocket more often than not lately.
It looks great, works perfectly and it keeps my liquids safe from leaking. I may actually get a second one of these just to be able to carry another flavor with me.

In closing I would like to thank Innokin for sending out the Axiom tanks and the UCan 2!
Thanks for reading, join me next time as I finally take a look at the Smok G-Priv! Oh yeah, loving this one.

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