Innokin Cool Fire 4 - New Vapers! Review

Hi All,

I am new to the forum however I wanted some feedback from everyone who has used the Innokin Cool Fire 4. And mainly if this hardware is good for new starters in the vaping.

Here’s a link to the product: Innokin Cool Fire 4

I am not promoting my company in any way but only reaching out so I can find the best products to supply to my customers which are mainly newbies to vaping and also I am building the Mods sections and E liquids section to suit the more advance vapers who like massive clouds and great taste.

Any help or advise will be great, any recommendations will be great.

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Hi and welcome to the forum! I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I had a bad experience with this mod. It was my second mod (the first was a 20w istick). I got the pink Cool Fire 4 and I loved it. I only used it for a month though before I needed something more powerful because I had won a TFV4 in a contest and needed something more powerful to be able to use this new tank. I never used the Cool Fire 4 again after that because 40 watts just was never enough for me. Mind you, this was only last year. I recently got a new neighbor who was curious about vaping so I pulled out all of my old beginner stuff and I was going to vape it forward, but when I flipped the on/off switch on the bottom of the device to on and pressed the fire button five times to power it up, nothing happened. it was dead as a door nail. I tried to charge it and it wouldn’t even charge. There was nothing to do for it. It was only a month old and when I stored it away cause I wasn’t using it anymore, it had a half charged battery because it isn’t good to store them dead or fully charged, and I also turned the switch on the bottom to the off position. There was no reason for it to be dead, but it was, therefore, I would not recommend this mod…

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Thanks so much for your advice and experience, what brand I.e full starter kit would you reccomend.

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I’ve heard too many stories about cool fire’s auto firing, on that principle alone I would steer clear.

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My wife has three and have had nothing but good luck with them. She loves the on/off switch on the bottom. [quote=“tbt127, post:2, topic:93243”]
needed something more powerful

as tbt127 stated it is only 40 watts, but for a beginner it works fine. My wife vapes between 15-25 watts at around 1 ohm. I personally use a eVic vtc mini by Joyetech and love it. Up to 75 watts with temp control.

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Thanks Pugs1970

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Awesome! I heard nothing but good things about the cool fire for beginners and wanted to see if it’s because experienced users can’t get the best experience out of them. However the above statements seem legitimate enough for me to reconsider. Thanks for your reply.

I had the Coolfire 4 and it was fine until it went dead one day just would not charge or turn on, since then I have found out that if you charge it on you car charger or an inferior cable to the one supplied it fries the PCB.
I now use the Coolfire TC100 which as temp cooling as well and goes up to 100w and so far no problems as only charging from mains with provided cable, my only grip is battery does not last long if you vape a bit.

Thanks for sharing that information with all of us.

I’ve been using the Coolfire IV for about 3 months now, for the Nautilus Mini and the Triton Mini, and generally on low wattage of around 10W.
Never a moments problem with it, would recommend.

Sorry, I did not see your post till this moment…it seems that this topic of the Cool Fire 4 is rather divided…I did love it while I was using it…It was a beautiful little mod that felt really nice in the hand, but I just cannot recommend because it died after only one months use…as for a recommendation for a beginner’s setup, I would recommend an eleaf istick 30 watt with a nautilus mini tank…many others would also recommend this setup as well as you can see if you read the following thread that I am linking…best of luck to you and if you need anything don’t be afraid to ask us!!!

The Coolfire 4 is slightly outdated and has been replaced by better equipment from Innokin. Have a look at the Coolfire 4+ or even the Coolfire TC100, they’re both using the Aethon board which is Innokins flagship board at the moment.
Alternatively, have a look at the OSub Plus kits from Smok, an 80W mod with temperature control and a built-in battery that lasts fairly long. The kit comes with a Brit Beast tank that performs very well, stocking coilheads for it would offer you a decent base of customer retention as well.

In terms of pure starterkits I think you’re good stocking the Endura series from Innokin, they’ve proven to be one of the more successful kits in helping people quit smoking. Innokin also has the Smartbox out, which can essentially be considered a more powerful version of the Endura, depending on what tank you put on of course.


Yes…listen to this guy ^^^^^^ and take his advice…he is awesome and knows his stuff!!!


The topic… what to carry for the new Vaper. If it’s someone’s first day switching to a vaporizer the challenge is adoption. Trying to sell them an RX200S is too much of a shift aesthetically from a cigarette. However from an online perspective too many other companies are dumping their old 2015 models at cut prices so beware of stocking those products.

If it’s your first day you may be a little self-conscious and smaller mods/attys have a certain appeal. It’s important they be pocketable and don’t leak! If I was recommending one mod it’d be the eLeaf Pico and Melo III tank …ticks all the boxes and their coils are longer lasting and suitable for a new Vaper.

Don’t get left behind technologically as it is almost 2017! Stocking the new stuff from the last half of 2016 will insure that your new customers can make small moves up (like to Temperature Control or a better atty?) without having to buy all new gear …once they start learning more about Vaping and their journey. Your reputation will be based on how your trusted advice helped then save $$ and succeeded getting off the stinkies.

Best of Luck!

I never had any trouble with Innokin mods.

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