Innokin Coolfire IV Plus, it's damn sexy

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SirRisc here with another gear review!

Time for my first review in 2016 with Innokin!
Innokin has been nice enough to send me two kits with the new Coolfire IV Plus, one with the iSub G tank and one with the iSub Apex tank.
Also included were a few of the new coilheads they’re releasing, the 2.0ohm Kanthal coilheads, the 0.5ohm BVC Clapton coilheads and the 0.1ohm Ni200 coilheads for TC.

These kits were sent to me for the purpose of this review by Innokin themselves! Thank you Innokin!


The Coolfire had a bit of a rough start at first but is now proving to be one of the better mods out there, though still a basic one at that.
Coolfire I was a tube mod powered by an 18350 battery providing you with 8.5W of power. Hard to imagine we’re now at almost tenfold the power output.
Coolfire II was the grenade shaped mod, and though it did sell very well the general concensus was that the design was too risky.
But then comes the strange part of the Coolfire series, the Coolfire III…
Some say it will be sent to you when you reach vapegod status, some say it has been shot into space and is being adapted by a superior alien breed to serve as an atmosphere processor and I’ve even heard rumors about it being included in a Half-Life 3 package deal.
All I know is we can’t have it.

But Innokin wouldn’t be Innokin if they left it at that, they talked to their designers to come up with a sleek design for the Coolfire IV.
And it was a great design, it had everything you’d need for a good vape… except people wanted more power. At 40W it was suitable for most of the Innokin tanks, but not for the bigger subohm tanks.
The Coolfire IV was a success regardless, but Innokin decided it was time to improve upon it.
Introducing, the all new Coolfire IV Plus! An even more beautiful design with 70W of raw power!

Innokin Coolfire IV Plus


  • 3300mAh built in battery
  • 70W of output power
  • Adjustable power in 0.5W increments
  • Bright OLED screen
  • Tactile buttons
  • Micro USB charging port (2A fast charging supported)
  • Stainless Steel threaded, springloaded, gold plated 510 connection
  • Fires 0.1ohm to 3.5ohm coils
  • Ergonomic design available in black (brushed steel), silver (brushed steel), blue (smooth), and red (smooth)

Innokin iSub G


  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Pyrex glass tank
  • iSub coilhead compatible
  • 4.5ml capacity
  • No spill coilhead swapping
  • Huge airflow channels
  • Available in silver and black

Innokin iSub Apex

Note: I have reviewed the iSub Apex before, but it has been slightly updated since.


  • Utilizes Prism Flavor+ Boost technology
  • Very easy topfill
  • Removable 510 driptip
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Pyrex glass tank
  • iSub coilhead compatible
  • No spill coilhead swapping


The Coolfire IV Plus comes in two kinds of kits, as I mentioned above.
I received both a black version with the iSub G tank, and a red version with the updated iSub Apex.
The packaging of both is nearly identical, barring a few differences. Though both of the packages are very impressive.
Innokin has definitely raised the bar on packaging for this, the boxes are surrounded in a rainbow silver sleeve that demands a closer look.
On the black version you’ll see the Coolfire IV Plus written in glossy black lettering, with the iSub G logo in black next to it.
On the red version you’ll have shiny red lettering with the iSub Apex logo next to it.
The sleeves also depict the mod in the color included in the package. No lame little sticker here to point out the color.
On the back of the sleeve is a fair bit more info on the mod and included tank, and all the usual warnings.
On the side you’ll find the scratch and check sticker to check for authenticity.

Taking the box out of the impressive sleeve reveals a black box with the logo on the front and another bit of info on the back.
The box opens upwards and reveals the first foam insert holding the mod and the tank next to each other.
Next to the tank sits a plastic bag with a spare 0.5ohm iSub coilhead, and a plastic bag with spare o-rings for the tank.

The foam insert lifts out with the help of a ribbon.
Though I have to warn you the insert is stuck in there pretty tight, I would definitely advise taking out the mod and tank first to keep it from flying across the room.
Once you’ve gotten it out, you’ll find 4 things; an iTazte micro USB charging cable, a usermanual for the mod, a small usermanual for the tank and as always 2 Innokin stickers.
I’m starting to save up these stickers to paste them together to form a bigger Innokin logo, I’ll call it the Innokin Voltron! :wink:


Before I start off I want to stress that despite the obvious color difference between the black and red Coolfire IV Plus, both are exactly the same in terms of performance!
It’s only the tanks that differ in performance, I will briefly go over them separately below.

Coolfire IV Plus

We’ve been bombarded with devices that sport a single 18650 battery lately and include temperature control for several alloys, so often that we’d forget that not everyone is looking for that kind of mod.
The Coolfire IV Plus is, much like its predecessor, a simple regulated device that doesn’t include temperature control.
It will fire Kanthal or stainless steel coils in powermode up to 70W though, and it does so with style.
It also has a built-in battery so there’s no extra cost to get a charger and batteries if you’re looking at the Coolfire IV Plus as your first mod.
Because that’s what this mod could be, your first serious personal vaporizer. And it would be a good choice at that.

The buttons are tactile and feel comfortable, the firebutton is slightly larger and placed just at the curve of the mod on top.
As always with Innokin mods, the button has a tricolored LED around the button that shows you the status of the battery.
Red means stop vaping and charge the device, amber means you’re low on power, and green means the battery is good to go.

The plus and minus buttons are placed below the screen and are smaller buttons that will give you a similar feedback as the firebutton.
Following the same form factor as the previous Coolfire IV, the Plus has a curvature to it that allows for the mod to sit snug in your hand whether you want to fire it with your indexfinger or your thumb.

The display is bright, with big lettering to ensure that it’s easily readable even in direct lighting.
In the top left you’ll see your coils resistance, beneath that the applied voltage and then in big numbers the wattage you’ve set.
At the far right of the display is a big battery indicator.

Beneath the screen and buttons is a micro USB charging port, capable of charging the 3300mAh battery at a rate of 2A maximum.

On one side you’ll find a badge with the Coolfire IV Plus logo, and on the other side are subtle venting holes to keep the battery cool.
When using the mod at full power it does get a bit warm sometimes, depending on how many toots you’ll take.
This doesn’t seem to hinder the performance of the device, but it will reduce the longetivity of the battery ever so slightly. (Heat in batteries is never a good thing)

iSub G

The iSub G has been around for quite some time and it has proven to be a decent competitor.
With its lack of topfill it may be a bit more dated than the Apex, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless.
The flavor and vapor from these tanks is very good and it has ample airflow for a comfortable lunghit.
Unfortunately it does have one issue that annoys me beyond belief, it’s LOUD.
The airflow may be big but it’s also very turbulent, making each and every hit you do a loud one.

iSub Apex (updated)

The iSub Apex has received a few small updates since I first reviewed it.
Differences are relatively minor though they do contribute to the comfort of the tank.
The airflow on the driptip has been removed because it wasn’t contributing to the vaping experience.
Pyrex glass now comes in colored versions, for example the red Coolfire IV came with an Apex with red glass to match the mod.
The airflow ring has been improved and is now easier to turn. It’s still fairly tight so it doesn’t move if you put the tank in your pocket or anything.
Topfill now clicks into place, making the tank a lot safer and practical to carry around.
Different driptips are included in the package. Where the first iteration had glass and stainless steel, the Apex now comes with a delrin and stainless steel driptip.
Performance wise the tank is still the king of flavor, to me it was one of the best clearomisers of 2015 actually.
Barring the UD Zephyrus V2, which is more of a hybrid anyway… though there is now an RBA for the iSub series.


The Coolfire IV Plus is a beautiful mod, it really is.
The red version comes with a smooth surface, and looks stunning in combination with the black ridge that holds the buttons and screen.
On top is a stainless steel iSub Apex that has been slightly updated with a red glass to match the mods appearance.

The black version comes with a brushed steel look and provides a bit more grip to it, though the rest of the mod is the same.
On top is the black iSub G tank for a more stealthed look with a big glass section in the middle.
To be fair I would have loved to see the same brushed steel look on the red version…

Some impressions…

Pros and Cons.


Coolfire IV Plus.

  • Ergonomic shape, very comfortable
  • Excellent batterylife
  • USB charging
  • Comfortable, tactile buttons
  • Bright display
  • Comes in 4 possible colors (5 if you count the Storm Edition) and two tank combinations

iSub G.

  • Good flavor, great clouds
  • Open airflow, though adjustable
  • Spill free coilswapping
  • iSub coil compatible
  • Large capacity (4.5ml)
  • Available in stainless steel and black

iSub Apex.

  • Excellent flavor, medium clouds (debatable, the BVC clapton coilheads bring it up to new levels)
  • Adjustable airflow, comfortable lung hits
  • Colored glass to match the mod
  • iSub coil compatible
  • Spill free coilswapping
  • Excellent topfill mechanism


Coolfire IV Plus.

  • Red version has less grip than the black version
  • 510 connection is not fully flush (not really a con but I don’t like the gap)
  • No temperature control (I’m nitpicking here…)

iSub G.

  • Bottom fill is rather dated
  • Turbulent airflow, loud
  • Whistles if you close the airflow for MTL hits
  • No spare glass included

iSub Apex.

  • Snags any moustache hairs you have
  • Cooler vape with anything but the BVC Clapton coilheads
  • Only 3ml capacity
  • Still hard to see the liquid level

In conclusion.

For a simpler mod without bells and whistles like temperature control or swappable batteries, the Coolfire IV Plus is a really good choice.
The 3300mAh battery will last you through the day with moderate use and charges very quickly.
The Plus looks a lot better than its predecessors in my opinion, though I would love to see the same brushed steel finish on the red version.
The fact that the Coolfire IV Plus can be bought with either the iSub G or the iSub Apex is a good thing, it means you have a choice of tanks that give different experiences.
My personal preference does go to the iSub Apex because of the slightly cooler vape and the increased flavor.
Though often overlooked by everyone, the packaging is simply amazing from a graphic designers point-of-view. It’s almost a box that is too pretty to throw out.
All in all, I think the Coolfire IV Plus is a very big step up from its predecessors. More than worth to have in your arsenal!

In closing I would like to thank Innokin for sending me the Coolfire IV Plus kits for review!
And of course all of you who read my reviews, thank you very much!

Join me next time as I look at yet another Innokin product, the Endura T22!

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Great review, awesome picks. But this mod isn’t TC control is it? Love the time you put into your reviews.

Have you had any issues with charging this specific model? I’ve charged various charging cables and ports yet the battery will not charge, but it still turns on perfectly fine? It’s a shame as its a great mod

No charging issues that I’ve come across, though I did give both the black and red away after ~two months of use.
My buddy is still using the red one and hasn’t said anything about charging issues.
To be fair, the batteries in these mods are similar to the 18650 batteries we use and will wear out gradually.
Depending on how often you’ve used/charged your mod, it could be that the battery is just at its end.

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