Innokin Endura T18, pen-style perfected

What’s up vapefam!
SirRisc here with another gear review!

Time for something a bit different than what I usually review.
The all new Innokin Endura is a pen styled setup, much like the EGO One I reviewed a while back, but better.
It’s meant mostly for people who smoke and want to switch to vaping, but it serves as great vape for advanced vapers too.

The Innokin Endura T18 was sent to me for the purpose of this review by Innokin themselves! Thank you Innokin!


Innokin is a brand I’ve come to love from the start, back when I was happily tooting my MVP2.0 and Nautilus combo. (Yes, I reference that mod often. It has great sentimental value to me.)
Ironically the Endura actually provides a few watts more, but it’s a fair bit smaller and an entirely different sort of vape.
Why do I love Innokin products? Easy, they’re always good quality.
Sure they’re usually a few dollars (or Euros) more, but the quality and durability warrants that little bit extra.
In the case of the Endura though, you won’t have to shell out a lot of money.
In fact it’s rather cheap for the kind of build quality and performance you’ll get, the coilheads are cheap too so there’s very little running cost.

Recently, or in the passed year rather, we’ve been getting a slew of subohm tanks and high wattage mods flooding the market.
From 200W mods that are customiseable to temperature controlled devices that avoid dryhits, it’s all more advanced stuff.
Advanced stuff that is essentialy too complicated to get smokers away from their unhealthy habit simply because it takes time to explain and understand.
The Endura T18 simplifies everything.
It’s a pen similar in size to a cigar, it has a similar draw to a cigar, but it has a powerbutton and a charging port and it doesn’t ruin your lungs.

Innokin Endura T18


  • 1000mAh battery
  • 2.5ml T18 tank
  • Topfill tank
  • 1.5ohm coilheads
  • 14W constant poweroutput
  • USB charging
  • 510 connection
  • LED indicator around the firebutton
  • Available in silver, black, pink, and tiffany blue

Note: Innokin was kind enough to send me a silver version and a black version for comparison.
You’ll see aesthetic differences in the photos, but the devices are essentially the exact same.


Innokin has put a lot of effort into the packaging of this setup.
The box it comes in is clean and luxurious, but sturdy and very complete.

First off there’s a sleeve around the box stating “Endura T18, complete vaping system” in silver lettering for the silver version, and in black lettering for the black vesion.
A nice touch that really makes a difference to the class in my opinion. On the bottom of the sleeve is the well-known Innokin logo in all its splendor.
On the back you’ll find a bunch of information about the setup, a bunch of warnings, the contents of the package, and a sticker containing the serial and scratch and check code to check for authenticity.

Taking the sleeve off will reveal a box with nearly the same print on it, kept closed by magnets.
Opening it up reveals the wonderful artwork of Jimmith on the lid, an exploded view of the Endura with all the parts named and a guide on how to fill the T18 tank.
Again, a wonderful touch that matters.

The battery and tank are kept in a foam insert with a small box next to it that lifts open.
In that box you’ll have a plastic stand for the Endura with the Innokin logo on it, a white USB charging cable, a spare coilhead, a couple of spare o-rings, the usermanual and 2 Innokin stickers.
The T18 tank comes with a coilhead installed, so you’ll have two to start with which should last you a good 3 weeks at least.

A few impressions…


The Endura is aimed mostly at new vapers and is deliberately kept very simple.
That doesn’t mean it won’t appeal to more advanced vapers because despite the myriad of mods and atomizers I have sitting here, I have been using the Endura on a daily basis.
Not as my main device, but rather as a stealthier, more subtle vape during meetings and video conferences.
In fact I’ve made room on my nightstand for the stand and use the Endura as my late night vape, because blowing a huge cloud in a bedroom is rather… unfitting.

The Endura only has one button and no settings.
You take the T18 tank out of the packaging, screw in a coilhead (if there isn’t one inside already), unscrew the top of the tank and fill it with liquid, screw everything together again and you have a vape ready to go.
It will output a constant 14W with the 1.5ohm coilhead and it’s a consistent vape. Even more so than I expected it to be, but leave it up to Innokin to perfect a setup that has been around for years. (Oh come on, I can fanboy over this for once!)

The button has the same 3-color LED notification we’ve grown acustomed to from Innokin showing the charge of the battery.
Green means it’s full or nearly full, yellow (or amber) means it’s getting lower and you should find a charger soon, red means charge it or stop vaping until you do.
The button itself is almost flush with the battery but has two raised sides to make it more ergonomic. It has a nice and clicky feel to it but it doesn’t make a sound like most buttons do.

On the bottom of the battery is a chargeport, cleverly hidden with a coin-like swivel system. Underneath you’ll find the standard micro USB port which you can hook up to your computer or wall adapter.
The battery does support fast charging at 2A, though I don’t advise on doing so as it may shorten the lifespan of your battery slightly.

On top of the battery is the 510 connection, where your tank will connect to the battery.
The goldplated pin is springloaded to make sure your tank is always making good contact, and the threading is stainless steel to ensure that it can endure some stress.

That brings us to the T18 tank you’ll be putting on top.
It’s a simple tank to use, but it provides a very flavorful experience.
The T18 tank consists of 5 parts; the bottom ring which holds in your coilhead, the coilhead itself, the glass and stainless steel tank, the top ring which is used for filling, and the driptip which serves as a mouthpiece.

On the bottom of the tank is the 510 connection, actually part of the coilhead in this case, which connects to the battery.

The coilheads are very easy to replace, something you will have to do about every other week depending on which kind of liquids you’ll be using, they just slide into the tank and the bottom ring holds it in place.

Next you’ll have to fill the tank with some of the tasty liquids you’ve hopefully bought, and that’s every bit as simple.
Just unscrew the top ring of the tank and fill it up, just make sure not to spill any of the liquid in the coilhead itself or the tank will flood causing you to have a gurgling, wet vape.

At the very top of the tank is the driptip, also known as the mouthpiece. The silver version comes with a stainless steel one, which is nice to the touch but can dry out your lips especially during winter.
The black version however comes with a plastic one, which is a lot more pleasant to use during the cold seasons.


The Endura T18 looks and feels very simple, very minimalistic.
The battery itself is kept in a single color and comes with a matching tank.
On the bottom is a cleverly hidden USB charging port, and somewhere in the middle is the button with the LED around it.
There are no flashy features to the Endura, it’s simple and elegant.
The T18 tank does have 4 big windows to see your level of liquid which comes in very handy.

Pros and Cons.


  • Simple
  • Consistent
  • Very good flavor
  • Easy to use
  • Battery lasts fairly long
  • Coilheads last a long time
  • Takes higher VG liquids too (I tested up to 80VG)


  • No stainless steel driptip included on the black version
  • Swivel system to hide the charging port feels a bit crunchy

That’s it… really.

In conclusion.

The Endura T18 is the EGO styled setup perfected. It has no complicated settings or flashy features, it has been kept simple and elegant.
A perfect setup for a new vaper that is looking for a similar experience to smoking without all the nasty side effects, like lungcancer… and coughing fits… and phlegm…
The T18 tank is simple and very easy to use, and provides a very full and rounded flavor.

In closing I would like to thank Innokin for sending me the Endura T18 kits for review!
And of course all of you who read my reviews, thank you very much!

Join me next time for the new DNA200 powered device from SMY, the SMY SDNA200!

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SirRisc disappears in a cloud of blood orange scented vapor


Yet another quality review my friend. Trying to get my daughter to stop smoking and this just might be the ticket. Thank you.

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Even though I am very satisfied with my iStick and Nautilus for going out and doing MTL, this does look interesting! I might give it a go - It’s been a long time since I held a tube mod :stuck_out_tongue:

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