Innokin Endura T22, bigger finesse

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SirRisc here with another (short) gear review!

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed the all new Endura T18, a pen styled setup meant to convince smokers of a safer alternative.
And the Endura was in every way possible the best pen styled vape I’ve had since I started vaping.
Now Innokin has a similar device but with a bigger tank and battery, the Endura T22!

The Innokin Endura T22 was sent to me for the purpose of this review by Innokin themselves! Thank you Innokin!


Much like the Endura T18, the Endura T22 is meant to be a low-treshhold healthier alternative to smoking without losing the comfort of use.
And Innokin has taken a lot of things into consideration for this, from the simplicity of a fixed power output to the driptip being the same diameter as an average cigarette.
Though the Endura T18 had more in common with a cigar in terms of size, the Endura T22 is meant to be an all-day-vaporizer that may actually be interesting to a broader audience.

Did Innokin succeed in making this more accessible to smokers and vapers alike?

Innokin Endura T22


  • 2000mAh battery built in
  • USB charging (2A quick charging supported)
  • 14W fixed regulated output
  • 4ml tank capacity
  • Prism Flavor Boost+ technology
  • Compatible with dual coil T18 coilheads
  • Top filling tank


The packaging of the Endura T22 is largely the same as the packaging of the Endura T18, with the difference of size.
That makes sense because the Endura T22 is slightly bigger due to it’s bigger battery and increased tank capacity.

A white sleeve with silver or black lettering is wrapped around a box with black lettering.
The inner box is kept shut by two magnets, and upon opening shows the artwork of Jimmith.
The artwork is meant to be a quick start guide that explains what and how, and it does so pretty well.

A white foam insert holds the battery and the tank firmly placed, and next to that is a small box with a few spare o-rings, a spare coilhead, a USB charging cable, a usermanual, and two Innokin stickers.
No fancy stand in this one, though that isn’t needed as this mod can stand on its own without falling over.


The Endura T22 performs exactly the same as the smaller Endura T18, the only differences are the tank capacity and the bigger battery.
Power output is still fixed to 14W for an optimal vaping experience with the 1.5ohm coilheads.

The T22 tank is a fair bit wider than the T18 which allows it to hold a lot more liquid.
The capacity has been raised to 4ml which should last you for a couple of days with moderate use.
Before anyone says I’m lying; keep in mind that these coilheads don’t burn through juice as most subohm tanks would.
The airflow is tight in comparison with other tanks but comfortable, it mimics the drag of a cigarette very closely.
Innokin has actually paid a lot of attention to detail in the development because the driptip is the same diameter as a cigarette, making the experience very familiar for smokers.
What the T22 does best is flavor… Even for vapers who have higher powered mods in their arsenal with crazy builds that spit out entire weathersystems, the Endura T22 might actually be a refreshing vape.
The coilheads tend to last between a week to three weeks with moderate use, and can wick liquids up to 80VG fairly comfortable.


The Endura T22 is about the same size as the InnokinCell D50 or C50 (the batteries for the Innokin Disrupter), though a lot more ergonomic.
The battery is fully rounded to increase the comfort and grip, and the finish adds to that.
The black version sports hot red lines on each side, while the silver version is accented with cool blue lines.
On the front of the device you’ll find a curved indentation where the button and the USB charging port reside.
The button, as it always is with Innokin mods, has an LED ring around it that tells you the status of the battery.

Pros and Cons.


  • Bigger battery capacity
  • Bigger tank
  • Same quality and performance as the Endura T18
  • Looks great
  • Fits perfectly in the hand
  • Topfill tank


  • Need to empty the tank to swap coils

In conclusion.

The Endura T22 is a device that doesn’t just fit the profile for newer vapers, it’s a nice vape for people who like a simple Mouth-To-Lung vape too.
The bigger battery and ergonomic shape is delicately accented with colored lines, and fits in the hand for an excellent stealthy profile.
Performancewise it’s pretty much the same as the original Endura T18, it just lasts longer.
All in all I would definitely advise on either of the Endura kits to someone who wants to quit smoking.

In closing I would like to thank Innokin for sending me the Endura T22 kits for review!
And of course all of you who read my reviews, thank you very much!

Join me next time for a review of the Innokin Cortex, the first TC enabled device from Innokin!

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SirRisc disappears in a cloud of pear and menthol scented vapor


Recommended this set up to a couple of friends over the New year after seeing some early reviews. They got 1 each Tuesday. still early days but they haven’t picked up a ciggie since and practically no cravings. To me this seems the ideal starter kit,

Told my sister to get the T18 tank to stick on top of her istick 30w as her Aspire K1 tanks are constantly leaking.


It is a slick looking little device!

@SirRisc I forgot about this set ( T22 ) but was looking for something simple on the go but with larger capacity…I am a MTL vaper and just wanted to hear your thoughts on this tank vs the Eleaf pico set up with the Melo 3 what do you feel ( if you’ve had experience with the Eleaf pico- melo3 combo ) up side the Endura w/ the T22 combo.

My common sets up for me daily are Mini Nautilus with typically an I stick 30 box or a Kanger mini or nano on a kanger box. I don’t build and I am a tootle puffer at heart ! I like 1.8 ohms when I can get that in a tank but will suffice with a 1.5 -1.6 ohm coil if I have too I don’t like anything too breezy.


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I’d would definitely go with the T22 then.
While the Pico/Melo combo might be small and cute, it’s also geared less towards MTL vaping.
The Enduras however were designed for it, and the T22 has the batterylife to last you through the day.
In terms of higher resistance coils the Endura does have the 1.5ohm coilheads. They’re not breezy by any means, the draw is tight and warm.

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Got both the T18 and T22 when they came out. As a proper mouth-to-lunger, it was just the setup I had been looking for.
I had to give up on the T22 after a couple of months though as the leaking and gurgling got to too much. It was even leaking through the battery casing.
The T18 is still going strong though.


Thanks I had a thought it’d be the T22
Endura !

@Neil10 you say the T18 had no leaks I may get them both, thanks too !

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Just as an fyi, you can also get the T18 and T22 tanks separately if you want to keep using your current devices. Just set them to ~14W and you’re good to go :wink:

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Really I couldn’t find just the tanks alone … Do tell ! I don’t necessarily need those batteries but wanted the t 18 also I typically am right around 13 & change so these sound made for me :wink:

FastTech to the rescue: T22 and T18 :wink:

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Ah ha ! Thanks I did buy the t22 from MVS their deal a@ 29$ plus I found a coupon for 15% off I couldn’t pass up.

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I got it today and it’s a pretty nifty lil vape even on the 1.5 ohm coil. I think I’ll look at getting their 1.8 ohm coil to see how much of a difference ( if any ) when compared to the 1.5. I filled it with max vg juice and within 5 minutes it wicked just fine. Saw a lot of bad wicking issues but mine turned out great. Thanks for your nice review it helped a lot. Just wanted an additional no nonsense set up and this is what this is !

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