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Innokin Sceptre

Here we go my fellow vapers and as always constructive criticism is welcome.


Excellent informative review Dan. Not a user of this particular type of vape, but anything which keeps one of the fags is worth a peek. My Thx


Nice review Dan. I stumbled on this product just yesterday and placed my order for a couple. Your review has reassured me that I’ve done the right thing. I want to use it for testing my recipes as well as straight up vaping. The coils are inexpensive (AUS 2.20 each) and according to yours and others reviews, they give good flavour and have great battery life. Thanks again.


Hey man, I hope everything is good with you @kroton181 I meant to leave a response when I first saw your post but I was in a hurry at the moment I read it and then by the time I got back… I totally forgot and then I couldn’t find the post because I couldn’t remember where I read it.

Anywho, I assume your scepters showed up, what do you think? I wanted to help you with the testing of your flavours. Do you want to test with a device that is similar to the way you vape and if so, how do you vape?

It could be that you don’t need or want my help, which is ok, I am just checking to see.

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