Innokin Sceptre

Here we go my fellow vapers and as always constructive criticism is welcome.


Excellent informative review Dan. Not a user of this particular type of vape, but anything which keeps one of the fags is worth a peek. My Thx


Nice review Dan. I stumbled on this product just yesterday and placed my order for a couple. Your review has reassured me that I’ve done the right thing. I want to use it for testing my recipes as well as straight up vaping. The coils are inexpensive (AUS 2.20 each) and according to yours and others reviews, they give good flavour and have great battery life. Thanks again.


Hey man, I hope everything is good with you @kroton181 I meant to leave a response when I first saw your post but I was in a hurry at the moment I read it and then by the time I got back… I totally forgot and then I couldn’t find the post because I couldn’t remember where I read it.

Anywho, I assume your scepters showed up, what do you think? I wanted to help you with the testing of your flavours. Do you want to test with a device that is similar to the way you vape and if so, how do you vape?

It could be that you don’t need or want my help, which is ok, I am just checking to see.

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Hey Dan, thanks for replying. Sometimes I just wander off for a while. Good questions and very relevant. My Scepters did arrive, but in the end they weren’t for me. I do this all the time. Buy 2 or 3 of the same device and extra coils, then I try them and in this case it wasn’t for me. I have been 1. still learning what sort of vaper I am and 2. very fussy about sound, of all things. I reject vapes because they whistle or woosh or just sound wrong and in the case of the scepter, it made a strange humming sound when activated that drove me nuts. Almost imperceptible but it’s there and it annoyed me.

I am mostly an MTL vaper because it’s stealthy and quiet and I was a smoker after all, so I use Vaporesso Renova Zeros with 30mg NicSalts when I’m out and about or at work. But I am also a flavour chaser so I do DTL at home with 6mg-9mg regular Nic. I’ve found that I like 0.6 ohm and 0.8 ohm at between 15 and 18 watts and all the devices and coils I outline below do it very well.

I have stumbled upon the Innokin Kroma Z (have 5 of them now with the 510 adapters and zlide tanks) and also recently got a couple of Vaporesso Gen Nanos with GTX22 tanks (DTL) and a couple of the GTX Ones with GTX18 tanks (MTL)

Innokin Z (zenith) coils are very good (used in the Kroma Z and the Zenith tanks and the Zlide tanks) and vaporesso GTX coils work with the 2 above and my existing Xirons and PM30s.

So basically I’m a bit of a nutter! But I can say that my search for devices is over. With the mix I have now I can do anything I want. It’s obvious from what I’ve written above that there are areas of vaping that I decided I don’t want to go. I don’t want to drip, I don’t want to chuck up clouds for days and I don’t want to make my own coils and play with cotton etc.

I also brought 2 Innokin MV5s (5200 mAh internal) and 2 Innokin Proton Minis (3400 mAh internal) with a couple of different disposable 0.15 ohm tanks just for funsies, but I probably won’t enjoy those for the reasons stated above, and cos I also don’t want to play with separate batteries.

As for recipes, that’s going OK! I am working on 2 different steams of recipes. Freebase nic recipes I alter only slightly for higher nicotine and lower VG to suit my taste and devices and Nic Salt recipes for my Renova Zeros. I have a working clone of Halo’s Kringles Curse 30mg 45VG/55PG which is my ADV for stealth vaping and essential since this is the type of product that will be impossible to get once Australia’s rules change. I’m also close to finished on a BluRazz Lemonade 25mg 50/50 NicSalt. These were both converted from low nic freebase recipes, so are very modified from the originals I used for inspiration.

I’m unlikely to ever create my own unique recipes, but I am enjoying modifying the recipes of others to setup a line of products that I can vape into the future.

Sorry to have let the crazy out on you Dave, but I wanted to give you a real and detailed answer to your questions. I truly appreciate your taking the time to reply to my previous post and I wanted my reply to do it justice.

Stay well and good vaping.


OMG Dude, I am so sorry!! I totally meant to mention that and forgot. It bugged me too at first but now I don’t hear it.

Darn it!!! I meant to grab one too and never did. Thanks for the reminder, hopefully, I can still find one.


a line of products that I can vape into the future.
Totally fine dude. I am actually doing that at the moment. I have been in a rut and can’t seem to get out of it. So I modify recipes for my own tastes too.

Here are two mixers I follow that are quite good IMO. Just thought I would throw them out there. Maybe you will like them and maybe not

HA!!! No Problem man, any time, and I mean that.

:wink: :upside_down_face:

Thanks you and you too my friend.

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