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This Innokin Smartbox was sourced from Innokin!


My previous review of an Innokin product was anything but mild.
The EZ-TC didn’t really convince me of the quality I’m used to from them, and that’s quite OK.
I don’t expect a company to have a perfect mod each and every time, but that wasn’t the only thing they sent out.
The Smartbox was also included and I can safely say this is more like an Innokin product should be.
Using a similar concept as the EZ-TC, the Smartbox has no regulatory buttons but rather an automated system.

So what’s the Smartbox? Let’s find out!

Innokin Smartbox


  • Powered by a single 18650 battery
  • iSub V 2ml tank
  • iSub coilhead compatible
  • 45W maximum power output
  • Resistance range: 0.35ohm to 3.5ohm
  • Battery indicator light
  • Automatic wattage control
  • Available in black, blue, purple, red and silver (the purple does look more like pink)



The Innokin Smartbox is a small and very lightweight mod powered by a single 18650.
On the bottom of the mod is a batterydoor which can be screwed off quite easily.
The batterycontact on the inside is springloaded so your battery doesn’t get squished in there.
Being such a small and lightweight mod, the Smartbox is an easy one to carry around, it pockets easily and it looks quite distinguished.
The fact that it only has one button also makes it a bit safer to just throw in your pocket, though I would still advise to turn it off before doing so.

On the spine of the mod you’ll find the firebutton, which has the battery indicator in typical Innokin style with red/orange/green LED lighting.
More to the bottom of the spine is another light indicating the style, or experience, of your vape in MTL (Mouth-To-Lung) or DTL (Direct-To-Lung) respectively.
This also indicates that this mod has no settings to play with, the mod will decide how much power it will send to the coil by detecting the resistance.
A higher resistance will result in the mod switching to MTL mode and sending lower power to the coils, a lower resistance will make it switch to DTL mode and send more power to the coils, up to 45W.
While this may seem a bit scary if you’re used to setting your own power, the board does very well in detecting how much power a coil will need.
Whether it’s a prebuilt coil in the iSub or a coil you’ve made yourself, the board detects the resistance and sets the power accordingly.
So far I’ve tested with 5 different tanks to try and throw the system into a frenzy and burn the cotton, but it hasn’t failed yet.
In fact I took it as far as putting an RDA on top with a 1.4ohm dual coil expecting a mouthfull of burnt cotton, but it detected the resistance as being a MTL coil and dropped the power to an acceptable level.

Other than the fact that it does seem to detect the resistance very well and set the power automatically, there’s really not much to this mod.
And that’s what the intention of this mod was, to be simple and easy.
Besides the 18650 battery which does need some explanation about safety and charging, this is an ideal mod for someone who is looking to get into vaping without all the hassle of settings and temperature control.
That’s the only missing link in this mod, a USB conection for onboard charging functionality. Or alternatively, a built-in battery.

Considering the Smartbox comes in a kit, there’s also a tank included.
The iSub V is Innokins latest iSub iteration and does a pretty good job in both flavor and vapor.
A bunch of different coils are available but only a few of those are actually useful for the Smartbox, namely the Kanthal coils (and by extension maybe the Stainless Steel coils).
If you’re going to use the iSub V, the 1.2ohm and 0.5ohm BVC coils are definitely the way to go.
The 1.2ohm coilheads are perfect for MTL vaping and will give you pure flavor without burning, the 0.5ohm are a fair bit more open and will deliver a decent DTL vape.
The airflow on the tank can be closed off almost completely for a good MTL, but if left fully opened a slightly restricted lunghit is what you’ll get.
I personally prefer the 0.5ohm Clapton BVC coilheads in the iSub series, but considering this is a single 18650 device it will need a bit more time to heat up and that might irk some users.


Pros and Cons.


  • Lightweight
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Board responds almost instantly
  • Looks quite distinguished
  • Has the new Innokin logo


  • No USB charging
  • Limited to 45W (though this is a debatable con, I just prefer a bit more power for DTL)

In conclusion.

The Smartbox is definitely a lot more appealing than the EZ-TC, it does a much better job and feels more like an Innokin mod.
The build quality is better, the mod looks better and the board does its job perfectly.
If it weren’t for the 18650 battery and the lack of onboard charging, this would be an excellent step up from an Endura.
Overall though, I have to admit the Smartbox succeeds with flying colors in what it’s set out to do, deliver a good vape in either DTL or MTL.
Would I buy another one if this one broke down? Probably not, but I would certainly advise it to newer vapers.

In closing I would like to thank Innokin for sending out the Smartbox!
Thanks for reading, join me next time as I take a look at the OBS Engine RTA! Toot toot!

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