Interesting Busardo interview with the owners of Evolv

A very interesting interview with Brandon & John, the co-owners of Evolv, concerning the PMTA process and their ideas on how it will affect the future of vaping. I found it very enlightening. Some interesting points that stood out.

None of Evolv’s present DNA boards / equipment will be presented for PMTA approval, but their descendants will.

No 510 based gear (separate atomizer / mod) will get through the PMTA process. Are PODs the future?

The meat & potatoes of the interview starts at the 3:00 min mark, and runs until the 35:00 min mark. From there they go on a tour of the new Evolv facility and the manufacturing floor. It’s well worth the 30 minutes to watch the interview.


NICE @d_fabes checking it out now.


Well of course, this is what Brandon is hoping for. The reason is obvious. He stands to make a huge payday if that happens. He tips all this later on in that interview when he makes reference to “it would be OK if someone eventually offers to buy us out for a bunch of shiny nickels…”

So let’s be clear, his statement in the interview is what he is wishing and hoping for, it is not a statement of fact “that no 510 will clear”… He has no way to know that.

In my opinion Evolv is no better, morally speaking, than Big Tobacco. Both want to use the regulatory system to give themselves a huge and unfair position in the market.


Now there’s a bombshell.

Talk about trying to lock down the DIY aspect!
First hardware…
Next nicotine… (at least, that’s my bet)

Killing creativity. What made America Great Again!
:roll_eyes: /wanders off muttering and cussing to watch the video


I know from prior posts that you have past experience with federal agencies and know that in one arbitrary second your life and business can be upended. The old adage “when you want the truth-follow the money” should be foremost in any conversation involving any agency.


From the CDC: Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States, including more than 41,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke exposure. This is about one in five deaths annually, or 1,300 deaths every day.

I’d say that gives Evolv a leg up, in the morality department, as far as public health is concerned. As far as business morals, a company trying to make money within the regulatory framework, as it presently stands? Why should that surprise anyone? That’s why they are in business. More power to them.

As far as the 510 devices comment. If there is no catagory (in the present PMTA framework) for an atomizer, without a device, and there is no catigory (in the present PMTA framework) for a device without an atomizer, it’s going to be virtually impossible to get those items through the PMTA process. There is no catigory for them. But, as we all know, a lot can change when it comes to the regulatory system. Rule today, new rule tomorrow.

Personally, I have no involvement with Evolv. Don’t use their products, and don’t plan to. I have enough gear that I enjoy, and supplies, to pretty much last the rest of my life, or longer. I just thought it was an interesting interview. I really don’t care what Evolv does, or doesn’t do.

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i havent watched yet , but ive always said they will eventually ban mech and rda / rdta tanks just my thought , i hope not , but i can see the arguments , regulated mods and tanks with factory coils will continue to be sold :frowning: ty for the share


I can see that happening, down the road too. I think the days of the mod power arms race, and wild west ‘anything goes’ in vaping, are numbered. At least for most. There will always be the modders that will figure out how to rebuild a coil, or modify a device, but for the general user, I think the POD type devices will prevail.


if that did happen the companies could always pre install a coil and wick and send an extra hmmmm i wonder if that would qualify hahaha


This is where kits come into play!

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