Interesting opinion piece on CNN Edition

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HMM… Interesting article for sure.

The fact of the matter is I would stealth VAPE on flights a lot…
Then just during this last Holiday season, All of a sudden I heard the attendant Say (as I almost fell out of my chair) that there was no smoking on the flights and that included the use of e-cigarette’s and went on to say that it has always been like that ??

I was so ticked off because I knew this wasn’t true and I never heard them announce this prior but really what can you do ??
I think they should allow ecigs on a plane because it makes the flight whole lot better and as long as you’re not blowing it in somebody’s face or “chucking clouds”…
I don’t see what the problem or what harm there is, but then again I’m a vapor LoL !!!

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I had my mod in my pocket with just the drip tip sticking slightly out, and as I was placing the bag in the over head compartment, the steward looked down and said, “You can’t use that thing here”.

I stealth vaped many times on that flight :stuck_out_tongue:

An acquaintance asked the staff of a trans atlantic flight about e-cigs last year, and he was told to go to the lavatory to vape?!


This is very interesting daath, thank you. I have a flight coming up in September so hopefully they figure something out by then. As its only a 2 hour flight, it shouldn’t be that bad without vaping anyhow. And, like you said, I could always vape in the bathroom as long as I’m not chucking a massive amount of clouds that billows out into the airplane when I’m done :slight_smile:

I usually stealth vape in my seat. I am nervous about vaping in the bathroom for some reason. I guess it’s the smoke detector - it can be tripped by vapor. I’ve tripped smoke alarms accidentally by blowing a cloud in the general direction :stuck_out_tongue: It should be fine though, as long as you stealth vape in there as well, blow a thin stream of vapor down towards yourself :smile:

Well keep us updated if you would. I would really like to see how this comes out.

IMHO I pretty sure it has todo with whom you’re flying with, how many folks on board and the general “mood” of the flight attendants…
A lot of variables to juggle but since it’s not yet defined in any way by the FAA, I’m not sure how or what “action” can be taken… Although it’s always better to be aware…

Well, as I do agree with you, you always have to be aware of how you look in the eyes of others because wether you want to or not, you are representing the vaping community and if your blowin clouds and pissin people off, it gives people a bad taste toward “Vapers” in general. Just be careful everyone. Vaping is fragile right now.


@jzerba2013 I could not agree more !!

I love that I dont need cigarettes anymore and I owe it all to Vaping !!
It drives me nuts when I see kids blowing clouds towards others without a care…
I also think that these “G Pen” things are going to kill our vape rights too !
I’m all about folks being able to do what they want to in private or where it’s “permitted” but to make a device that looks identical to the Kanger Evod but have it burn “grass” instead… is going to practically give BT and The FDA enough to be able to cause us Vapers headaches !!
When I go out I use a set up like the ego and Evod so its easy for me to vape and I just don’t want to be asked or hassled over what’s in my tank…
I remember back in 08’ when I first got a simple Joye 510 with cartridges that I had to refill and thought “this is great !!” cause I wasn’t having to spend $55 on a carton of smokes twice a week !! Instead I’d get a bottle of DK Tobacco and RY3 for $6… Things have come a long way LoL !!!

I’m being forced to go to a higher PG mix at work so that the VG plumes won’t be noticed. Plus, I’m having to go with a flavor that is not quite as fragrant. Even though when I pass people on an exhale, I always hear them say something positive about how good whatever that smell is! “It smells like vanilla, chocolate and caramel in here…yummy”. Oh well, the price of being a vaper, I guess! Better to ninja vape and not call attention to myself, rather than be shunned and/or invited to not come to work anymore.