Interesting piece on diacetyl/acetylpropionyl

Here is an interesting piece on diacetyl/acetylpropionyl:


Good read, and reasonable in it’s conclusions. I commented in another thread, about some vaping companies/ businesses lying to us about DA/ AP, and NO need to rehash here.

Suffice to say, there is no need to lie. Let us know the risk, and if like me, you spent almost half a century inhaling the nasties, the risk of vaping is still miniscule in comparison. Small enough that I am not worried about it personally.

People are gonna find a reason to complain. and yeah, there are risk, but let me decide what risk I want to take, that is why I think that articles like the one need to be written, and the people in this industry need to own up to the risk, no matter how miniscule.

When they lie, or obfuscate, it makes it look so much worse, than putting the light on it, and realizing, that the risk are tiny compared to smoking, and in comparison to a lot of stuff us humans engage in … including driving cars …

… well it just aint that big a deal.

… it needed saying.

EDIT: and if you think that I think diacityl is a big risk look at my flavor stash, it aint big, but it is full of stuff that my contain that stuff. I aint worried too bad. :wink:


Great read.

Again though it’s reiterating pretty much what we knew already about about DA/AP that more research over time will help explain any issues further and that it’s too damn TASTY lol.



I read this earlier over on ECF. The thing that’s confusing for me is as long as DA/AP has been used by vapers, why hasn’t any cases of popcorn lung been reported in the vape community. I’m taking a wait and see approach. If I see it’s affecting the vape community then I’ll react. I see to much right in vaping and not enough that’s wrong to be worried. And as @Jondamon says… It’s too damn tasty!


Nice read thanks daath ! I would like the soft version as well as the consumer being aware of what we’re deciding to inhale and let everyone make their own choice as to what they want to do with their lungs. Too much emphasis is put on controlling e cigs and honestly I’d like to see more control on cigarettes which are 100% known to kill and cause lung damage. It is a seriously messed up world we live in when our governments push cigarettes over ecigs.


I think the problem is, that they’re not 100% sure that diacetyl is in fact causing bronchitis obliterans - The fact that workers were exposed to DA is not enough to conclude that DA is the culprit. There may be other factors at play… Also DA vapor is under suspicion - but we don’t know if DA aerosol has the same effect (if indeed DA is the culprit).


yeah, and dont forget the “standing in a factory” factor, where the PPM in the air is outrageously high. It may be that you could vape for 20 years, and still not get as much as a worker could get in a 40 hour work week.

Interesting factoid. The main gas that is so offensive in a fart, flatulance gas, especially egg based farts, is Hydrogen Sulfide. The most H2S you could possible generate in a fart is about 5 or 6 PPM. OTOH, 1000 PPM can cause un-conciousness with 1 breath, and then death within 5 minutes.

So it is all a matter of degree. BTW, the above info was provided to me by a Geologist friend of mine, whose job was to monitor oil drilling wells for the presence of H2S, and provide warning equipment in areas when and where the probablity of the presense of H2S was likely. A safety measure for oil field workers.

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This line from the article pretty much sums it all up for me:

“[Y]ou should think about whether the pleasure you gain from using a DA/AP liquid is such that you need it to remain smokefree long term, and perhaps consider phasing out using DA/AP liquids over time.”

Do I use and make liquid that contains DA/AP? Yes. Will I continue to? For now, yes. Do I think at some point I’d like to phase it out? Probably. Am I going to stop vaping because I don’t see a way to do that right now and remain satisfied with my liquids? Not a chance.

Basically us vapers are doing the human testing.

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[quote=“NewDrip, post:4, topic:22620”]
why hasn’t any cases of popcorn lung been reported in the vape community.

The main reason is Bc way too often Lung diseases are blamed. It takes a lung biopsy to confirm and diagnose bronchiolitis obliterans

Here it is being considered a PNA ( pneumonia ) which essentially PNA is a bacteria or virus that infects the lungs. With B.O. S/s are similar and thus it gets over looked and diagnosed as a lung disease versus a lung hazard.

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Also something else to think and ponder over is the " second hand " vapor / smoke of the DA in the factory versus air ventilation qualities these are a huge factor. Second hand is always worse on the lungs as there is no forceful exhale as in first hand smoke/ vapor. With 2nd it hangs around and is metabolized in a greater concentration Bc of the non existent forceful exhale. So… How long were they subjected to these conditions and at what temperature and air ventilation quality. Huge amount to ponder on regarding all the " what ifs "

Diketones are tasty, everything else is totally irrelevant for me.


I’ve been a vaper (and off tobacco) for over five years. I thought this situation was pretty welll known in the community. It’s the reason ethical companies disclose the presence of these chemicals or screen their products to be certain the products are ADP-free.

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Disclosure is key for me, if they lie about it that is one thing,

I am a big boy, as long as I know that it is there, I can decide if I want it.

And unless the company makes false claims about it, I do not think anyone should be demanding that it be ADP-free.

Yes we’re all very aware just discussing aka BS’n about the topic is all.

And just my 2cents I highly doubt all/ many products are ADP free even thou they say they are . Just my thoughts FWIW prob nothing.

As far as I’m concerned there is no difference between the companies lying about it and those who are such teetotalers that they preach abstinence to any and all quantities of diketones. Like the OP, I’m not worried. The damage I did to myself via cigarettes is there and permanent. Whatever. But I left another (most popular?) forum because of people who would constantly run around like the little duck the sky is falling, the sky is falling. One poster would even troll the threads looking for any recipe with custards in them and offer the same reply each time…diacetyl soup. If it’s a huge concern, why aren’t there people out there using the threat of diketones in cigarette smoke as a reason people should quit? Clearly there should be a level of education, and I would be all for the forums to have some kind of warning - informing of the risks and some scientific evidence. But the dangers are not a debatable issue no matter how many times people try to debate it.

Hey, was that a rambling reply? I feel like I was rambling :slight_smile:

I will be disagreeable about one thing. If a company lets you know that it has the "questionable " ingredients, then you can make up your own mind, If they lie through their teeth like Big Tabacco did for all those years, then yeah, that is different.

To this point, I will believe that “a corporation is a person” when they strap a few to a gurney and execute them. As far as I am concerned, big tabacco and their minion commited and are guilty of at least man-slaughter and probably pre-meditated murder.

But to each his own,

BTW, I can not stand the trolls that inhabit these sorts of forums either …

This article was fantastic. Not only did it cover the science and history behind what’s known so far, the author impartially covered the point of view of both sides that are trying to come up with a solution. All the while not making the material intimidating or hard to understand. I think (just based on my own judgement from everything that I’ve read) that there’s no harm, though I’m not so stupid as to make these claims as though I know for a fact I really hope we figure this out one day.

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