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Internal batteries on mods - Good or bad?


I am considering buying an innokin Kroma and I am concerned that I will not like using a mod with an internal battery. Can anyone share their experiences with internal batteries vs the usual removable 18650s?


I’m not a fan of internal batteries. My first “real” mod was a Vaporesso Tarot Nano. Was really a great mod, until the charging port got loose. Couldn’t charge it without wiggling it just right. External since then for me. YMMV


Your mileage may vary. How do you say tomatoe? To each his own.

Yup. It’s all about choice. I choose mods with removable batteries. I find it easier to carry an extra set then worrying about the need to plug in middle of the day or needing a charge right when I’m heading out the door. Plus I like being able to inspect my batteries. If the mod stops working the batteries are still pretty good and can be used in another device.


There’s a general feeling that an internal cell mod is ‘inferior’ because once the battery fails, the mod is no longer able to serve and it therefore considered disposable. But, most folks move on from the mod before the battery ends its’ useful service life, so it’s sort of a wash there. The biggest factor for me is having to shelve the mod while it recharges. I really don’t like to have to wait on the mod to be able to vape, so I definitely go with external cell mods so I can have fresh cells ready to serve.

But as said, to each their own. However you vape, enjoy it.


I love my internal battery mods. I also, love my external battery mods. If I were buying my first mod and didn’t have the resources to get batteries and a charger, I would go for an internal. I would also recommend an internal to a new Vaper.

So Tomato or Tomato. Perhaps Potato - Potato. Like @Chrispdx said…

Let us know what you decide and if you think it was the right choice for you or not.

Good luck


if you can afford something like madmodder dna250c with 3 cell LiPo pack, definitely go for it and you won’t regret it. Otherwise I would suggest removable battery and external charger.


Looking back I’m glad I started off with internal battery devices. There was just so much to learn and not many to learn from. Wouldn’t use them now but have no regrets starting out on them.


Oh, I totally agree there. Easy enough for me to look back with a seasoned eye now, but you are 100% right… I knew very little and adding cells and chargers to the list of immediate needs and education would have complicated things.


I also started with an internal battery device, and once it got empty and I realized I can’t vape and charge it at the same time all hell broke lose :slight_smile:
That is the main reason I always recommend removable batteries, 2x cells you need to power it, and a charger :slight_smile:


I bought backups my first order. Wasn’t an issue for me.


My first mod was a Tesla Sidewinder II spinner with internal cells. I bought another one as a spare too. 510 USB charger. At the time, I thought they all worked that way.


My question would be: what atomizer are you trying to run it with?

If sub ohm tank with pre build coils aka factory coils is the answer, then ask yourself in what wattage range. If the answer is as simple as 25-60 watts, my answer is go for it.

If you’re considering the newer higher wattage coils/mesh, that need at least 65w and up, then I wouldn’t buy a internal battery mod, unless as suggested above a custom lipo.

Going by that principal these answers would be the same based on rta/rda/rdta but in these cases, it depends more on the wires (builds) being used. But that would be a we need to take a closer look at this scenario, because some builds even with fancy wires can and will perform great on a internal batt. mod.

If you’re mtl vaper that only vapes in very low wattages , then that’s a no brainer, go for it till you want to upgrade. Same for first buyers or ppl updating from a pen/pod etc.

While it’s not my first pick personally, there’s actually nothing wrong with internal battery mods. Sure we could argue the moment the battery died you’ll need a new mod, but tbh that can also happen with an external, if the board dies or anything else happens :wink: Most mods don’t last long anyways, especially from certain brands.


Personally, I hate them.
Unless you consider them for use in a very low power MTL situation, they’re landfill. The battery is almost always not meant to be replaced. Which means that you’re likely to end up throwing away a functioning set of electronics, simply because of a battery dying. And that upsets me (being polite).

Outside of that, if you vape 25-40w, then you usually can’t even get a full day out of one (at least with DL).

It just depends on your vaping style, and outlook.

Personally, the option to get one with replaceable batteries gives you more freedom. If the batteries die, pop in new ones. If the mod dies, put the batteries into another one. Although there is the recommendation to get an external charger. (Opus BT-C3100),

But, as many learn to find their “sweet spot” in vaping, battery needs may change. Which is another plus for replaceable. You may find that you’re better served by a particular type (model) of 18650.So having the ability to change batteries can enhance your experience. (IE: by providing longer life, getting you through a day, or even two, before having to swap batteries.)


@CraigC as others have said, your mileage will vary depending on your vaping. I still have MULTIPLE original ELeaf iStick 30w mods with internal batts, and they’re STILL kicking. If you have removable batts, always charge them in a charger, if you have internals, no choice, charge as is.


At the risk of repeating myself, you can get a eleaf pico 25 and a lg HG2 for less money than what I see the Kroma-A for.
That would be my choice.

That said, internal battery mods are perfectly decent choices.


I don’t mind them… But for internal type. I always coat the usb connectors with some electronic contact lube so I don’t break or weaken the connectors from fiddling with them to get em plugged in easy. Seen to many broken ones.


If you’re going internal battery for convenience for, say, travelling or just so that you’re not lugging an extra set of batteries around, then you can’t go wrong with Innokin. They’ve been the industry leader for internal battery mods(In my opinion, anyways) They take their time to get the device right, rather than slapping crap together and getting it out to market first, so that when the end user gets one, it works and works well.

I’ve had a few of their devices(The most recent being a CoolFire IV TC100) and they were all stellar. When I first started vaping to break the chain of tobacco addiction, my first mod was an Innokin VV3. It was my absolute favorite device for a long time even after I’d “graduated” to larger and more powerful devices and three years after I’d bought it the damn thing still worked well. It’s gone with damn near all of the rest of my vape gear, but it will always hold a special place in my heart.


I started with cigalikes. I used those for 1 year and when I moved to box mods I used a isick 40w tc. With an aspire Atlantis 2 tank. it was a great set up to learn the ropes and learn about ohm’s law and battery controls. I use that for about 3 months before I move on to getting the ipv 4 which was a dual battery 18 650 mod.I’m glad I was using the istick to start with though because it gave me time to learn everything I needed to before I could trust myself and using external battery mods


Have to consider:
Frequency of use (hours per day)…
Should have at least two internal mods (one charging).
What power (setting) you are going to use while vaping? Under 12 w may be ok.
I use Eleaf Istick 30’s and at $18 each, they are affordable and cost effective. Longest life to date, 4 years and still vaping with the Istick.


My mods needed to fit certain criteria to fit my daily life. Large enough to get me thru the day but not so large I couldn’t drop in my pocket. Simple low or no fuss operation.
I’m on the move all day & I can’t stand being encumbered. So packing a pile of miscellaneous gear is less convenient.
So I have internal batteries. USB charging can be done anywhere. I got 6 identical mods. 2 charging, 2 in pocket & 2 floaters. Many tanks all with diff flavs let me bounce anytime.
Simple, consistent & convenient.