There are times I see posts or replies that’s really and I mean really bad advice. I just want to dive in and say “NO DON’T DO IT!!!”. But to avoid controversy and keep the peace I sit on the sideline and watch it unfold.

A lot of what I see are things that I experienced myself or previously seen asked here at ELR. The true answer is usually jumbled in 20-100 replies, but how do you know who’s giving you the right info among this simple mega thread.

If I see a request or reply that interest me I’ve learned to go and look the history of individuals asking or offering advice. History here really tells a lot as to what advice to follow/give or who you should listen to.

Luckily I had mentor that would give it to me straight. So when you’re confused try a little research or turn to someone in a PM that mix similar to your style or has a mix style you’re striving for and you can avoid a lot of clutter or creating that never ending mega thread.

The great thing about ELR is its willingness to dive in and help, but not everyone that’s offering to help is experienced enough give you what you really need.


Good stuff, and true words spoken. I too have witnessed some serious Special High Intensity Talk as well. Are there any that stand out to you ?


…soooooo hard to do this at times, yes!!!:grimacing:…know the feeling.

But, at other times I kinda like to watch. :boom::smiling_imp::boom:

We’ve seen a lot over the past couple of years, haven’t we @Pro_Vapes?


I still learn daily, but some that speak and I really listen to are @Ken_O_Where, @Kinnikinnick,@JoJo, @Amy2, @Daath, @Alisa, @DarthVapor (someone please tag the real DV… too many to pick from the list), @ringling, @Josephine_van_Rijn and a few more.

These are some that’s been around forever and offer real good advice. I’m sure there are others, but these members have been most helpful for me and really taught me a lot.

I really don’t mean to diss anyone, but when these people offer advice I know I can take it to the bank.


I’m only allowed to tag 10 members in a single post, but here are some others… @Bluenose,@Chrispdx, @therabidweasel,@Jondamon


And you know we have. ELR has a history that many here don’t know about.


Totally agree. I’ve only been here a couple months and wouldn’t presume to start handing out advice, which I haven’t. I’ve had to scroll through a ton of banter to get to the answer I’m looking for. But I’ve read enough to figure out the ones who know their stuff and others who just have to say something, good or not. Your picks are right on. :+1:


Great topic and you tagged the right DV !


? Designated vaper? Lol.


Hmmm. Serious reply. ‘Scratching head’

Yeah, I do agree there has been a bit of increase in side stuff. Much of it doesn’t bother me, but it is hard to track topics like RF tasting notes. So much so I have almost shelved the flavors…Which is sad, but I think I can be 10 times more succesful with an unknown flavor from flv or new FA flavors (or other flavors new to me).

Odd advice, or advice that’s kinda against the grain. I’ve learned…Well…I just try to tell myself “if it works for you, that is super great.” After that I just post my knowledge that was given to me for free and call it day and hope the person finds the reply.

As for giving advice @Mew …it looks like you’ve done your reading…you surely could help someone in their journey. Go for it. When in doubt just say “so far this has worked for me.”

As for some of the other stuff. Well. It’s the change of the guard. An old batch out and a new batch in. For every 100 new diy’ers…10 stick for acouple months and 1 lasts for 5 months. And only weird people like me stick around (and you too @Pro_Vapes lol since we started on elr around the same time’ish) .

I really think there will be an increase due to the Europe/uk tpd in the next 6 months for that matter. And for the US…there is still that big question mark out there…I really do think there will be an increase in diy people member unless juices start getting pulled from the shelves due to them not going through the FDA process.

As for overall bad advice…I think there are times folks don’t share the full story. I wish they would. For example…my orange thread. It took 3 pages to explain what I was doing with oranges…basically breaking every flavoring rule…like with over flavoring and just mashed up oranges. All my other orange recipies follow normal guidelines.

As for qualifications for giving advice. I do kinda miss the tags of new member to whatever it used to be. I do kinda like how Vu does it from new member to bronze, silver, then gold. It did help weeding through novice to expert replies. But even a “gold” member reply on Vu in the diy section can be off because they were into mods for two years and just starting out in diy ejuice…so it’s not fool proof.

Welp. Rambeling of words is over. Lol. This has been brought to you by… Watermelon MyWay LA (made with LA watermelon, cucumber FA and a few other tidbits.)


ha we cant communicate anymore ill just feel your not listening , just kidding , anyone who would take this as a diss is silly we all would include many on your list including your self :wink:


Jump right in the water’s fine!

Honestly, most topics can be discussed without controversy. It’s usually the tone which makes things come off as controversial. It’s especially tough since text doesn’t allow for body language which can help others read into the intent.

Just a tip… If when you go to reply to something you know is wrong, you assume positive intent (i.e. “I know you meant well, but…”), your reply will usually be worded less controversially and often be better received.

Not responding isn’t good because then bad info gets passed around without rebuttal and soon becomes tribal knowledge.


Agree wholeheartedly.

If I offer advice (which is rare) I am offering it based on what I have read/learned/experienced, because I like to help out if I can.

If I’m offering advice that turns out to be a load of rubbish I would much prefer to hear this (in a constructive way). That way, the ‘correct’ info is out there, and I can learn from it for the future (as can others).


I am always lurking on here in the background. I tend not to give advice or answer questions mainly because I am a very slow typer and over think my reply’s so that by the time I have written something someone else has already posted the same info.

I’m with @Lolly where I would rather see something that’s wrong corrected in a friendly manner.


DarthVapor :slight_smile: Pro_Vapes didn’t know if he had the correct one tagged.

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Well then. Your still my DV.