INW Tab For Camel

I’m curious what to mix this with. I get conflicting info as far as what this actually is. Some say it’s tobacco like INW says, and others not. There are no public recipes on the site here. What do you guys think?

I should add I normally mix an INW tobacco at it’s recommended percentage with some FA Caramel and Almond, and a little Vape Wizard. Not sure if I should do that with this though.

I am not convinced with these new Inawera Camel flavours and I find it a bit confusing with the Dromedary version and also the TAB for Camel you mention to whether they are new products or rebranding.

I have used for myself and a friend Tino D Milano Inawera S’camel for a couple of years now, mixed at 5% nothing else added. Been very happy with the finished flavour and think it is a good representation of Camel ciggies. It is getting harder to find the TDM version and will be almost impossible in a few months, I fear.

I am not convinced either of the 2 Camels that Inawera do now, are the same as TDM S’camel. I believe the Dromedary is the replacement for S’camel, but I don’t think the finished flavour stands up to the original S’camel unfortunately, if this is the case. I am disappointed that S’camel will be no more soon, possibly!..

It is;

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