IPV D2 Joule mode

I have a IPV D2 and i’m using kanthal Ti09 coil with 7wrap, dual coil. How to set the joule mode? 25J, 400F and 0.3ohm?

IPV D2 not sure if it is the same as the ipv6 or 8 but if it is hit the fire button 5 x to show the on/off menu then when on is highlighted hit fire button one more time to enter settings menu.

Then how is the setting for J, F and ohm?

Once you select joules using up and down buttons use fire button to get into the joules settings
up and down are to select and fire is used as ok

Wait. Hold on. A kanthol Ti coil? Did you mean this is a coil with both kanthol and Ti…like a kanthol core wrapped with kanthol? I’m not a wire expert…but I wouldn’t think that is the safest build. On the ipvd2 kanthol would normally only be used in power mode and Ti would only be used in tc mode.

Isn’t Joules Temp Control? I think you have to use SS or Nickel? Pretty sure you cant temp control Kanthal.

Quite correct but i would add in Ti - i think if the op use a combo kanthal and ti coil it may jump out of tc mode - I am not sure as it is not something I have ever done.

Kanthal doesn’t change resistance with temperature change enough to exercise temperature control. TI, NI, and SS will change at known rates and will work. The mod uses a known or programmed coefficient to exercise temp control. I have no idea what each mod will do with Kanthal. Some will revert back to power mode. Others might try to exercise control using whatever coefficient is in memory. Regardless, it won’t work well.

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If this is a kanthal/Titanium wire mix coil, I would advise that you do not vape it. TI wire is very sensitive and must be used in TC. Kanthal can only be used in power mode. It’s not safe to combine the two. Not sure what would happen, but why risk it? If the “TI09” is some kind of model number and not wire type, disregard my statement.

Just to make things clear here for any new people to vaping. TI and Ni200 is only for temperature mode and nothing else. And you never mix TI or Ni200 with other materials either since both are real sensitive materials.

Vaping TI and Ni200 outside of temperature control could lead to health issues if you are unlucky and it gets to hot.

So if anyone is unsure what to use i would recommend Kanthal, SS or NI80 as stand alone materials.

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