Ipv3 for a nebox?

A friend of mine is looking to downgrade lol he wants to trade me his ipv3 for my nebox and some juice. Good deal or what?


my first big purchase was a nebox i loved it until i started upgrading havent used the ipv3 but seems like it would be a good deal


iPV3 Li?

If so I love mine. Perfect temp control. And plenty of power for whatever you throw on it. I have yet to find a tank or RDA that doesn’t work perfectly on it. In my opinion, it is the very next step down from a DNA 200 mod. No brainer in my opinion.


No not the Li, the dual 18650 one
I think it is just 150w wattage mode.
I mostly vape wattage normally anyway so i dont mind. I have my evic mini for tc that works lovely

I’d do it, with the knowledge that the device was in good condition, if he’s a buddy of yours you’re a lot better off. Somebody is less likely to screw over someone they know and will have to deal with long term. Yeah I know I’ve got cynical attitude. When your deceased mother’s fiancé rips you for $1500 and a few other things you get leary

Well im not too worried about it, i only paid 4 bottles of juice for the Nebox in the first place. I just wanted a higher wattage mod to play around with bigger builds in this aromamizer. He thru in a little tiny low profile royal hunter mini rda, authentic, also :slight_smile: dirty as hell so ill be cleaning that up before doing anything with it but overall looks good. The screws are missing on the battery cover for the ipv3 just a hairtie around it, which im also fine with because i plan to put a couple small magnets in where the screw holes are instead anyway.