Ipv3 Li Review

Here is a short review of the IPv3 Li …great mod
Check it out


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I just bought one of these from my lvs. I want to add to this review and share my thoughts on it.

I only had one TC mod, which is the iPV D2. I love that little guy, but you always have to carry a spare battery with you because it burns through them pretty fast. So I thought I would get a dual 18650 device for the extended battery life.

I love this mod but I do have a couple gripes about it. The battery door rattles at the top of the mod. At the bottom it is perfect. But the top is very loose. So loose I want to return it. I am not sure I can live with this mod on a daily basis.

The touch sensor at the top is pointless. Because it only works after pressing the fire button once the device has sat for awhile. Unless there is a setting to change this? Otherwise it is pointless. I like the touch sensor. But I don’t like having to press the fire button first.

In conclusion, I think I am going to go to my lvs and return it. It was recommended to me over the cool blue Sigelei 150w TC mod I went in there to purchase and I even looked at another iPV 3 Li that a guy that worked there had. His battery door was snug. Mine is so loose I simply cannot stand it.

That’s unfortunate , mine doesn’t rattle either . I haven’t tried a sig 150 tc but I’ve heard the ipv3 li does temp control better . The touch sensor is dumb I think as well. In all honesty I usually reach for a more compact MOD as I don’t usually need much more power than 75 watts .

Totally agree, I ended up setting the option for it to off. Regarding your battery rattle… return it. I’ve never seen an IPV 3Li with a loose battery door. These things are really well put together usually and solid. It just shouldn’t be like that.

Thanks for the info. I will return it for a better built one.

There is just a little rectangle of foam tape at the top of the battery compartment that provides the pressure to keep it from rattling. Scratch that, above that rectangle is a spring loaded metal ball. Do you see those?

The touch sensor was turned of on mine within 5 minutes. The temperature regulation on mine seems to be as good as my DNA 200. That’s saying a lot for something less than half the price.

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Yeah, I have the rubber spacer and the ball pin. But they aren’t stopping the rattle.

I got a replacement and no more rattle. Thank God because I love this mod.


I’m glad you chose to stick with it because it really is a terrific mod .

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Yeah, I love it. Of course I love my iPV D2 also. So I was expecting the same results but better. And it is. Great mod.

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