Ipv400-200w tc pre-order

This is more along the lines of what I am hoping for!! I had heard many good things about the IPV line of mods and about the YIHI chip. That is why I pulled the trigger, but now I almost wish that I had gotten and IPV5 instead because those have been out for a while and are proven to be good for the most part

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Keep in mind the ipv6x has a different screen. Hopefully and sadly the above is an unfortuante one off issue.

My Ipvd2 is still going strong. Had it for about 11months and was my daily driver for 9 months.

I added 2 ipv5’s to my stash. Great mod, alittle heavey but very durable so far. I do miss the form factor on the siegle 213, but returned it because of the tc mode not working.

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I think that is a fair trade! I don’t mind heavy mods anyways…I use an RX200 at the moment and it’s not light by any means!