Ipv400-200w tc pre-order

I think I am going to take a chance pre-order vapenw
Got burned on the segeli 213 as far as TC
I love it in power mode
But I have a yihi chip service in the ipvd3 it works correctly just single battery not long enough for my style vaping
This is more what I was hoping a small dual 18650 with bottom door and does what it says in all modes

Along with another griffin25 and spare glasses should hold me awhile

yup, i’m right there with you…i ordered the ipv400 and the ipv6 both! they both look pretty sweet!

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Yup. I was as burned by the 213 as well. But Atleast I got to send it back. The one thing about vapenw is they really don’t like returns, and from I see it’s a buyer beware.

However, I love my ipvd2. I recently got in my ipv5 and love it so far. The reviews on the Ipv5 say its good. Alittle heavy…but I’ll take heavy any day for working properly.

The only worry I have for the newest ipv’s comming out will be the quality of materials. The board should be good…but that’s what I said to my self (segelie has a good name, but their last couple product were not great so their next one will be…boy was I wrong, it was a pos).

I guess somebody has to be the first ones to try it

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Uh-oh. What’s wrong with the Sigelei 213 in TC mode? I love mine, but have only used it in power mode so far.

The iPV400 200W looks sweet. I’m very curious about the weight - I hate heavy mods.

Google. YouTube and segiele 213 sucks. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’ll find a detail review from some channel like dlsj lab or whatever.

It explains why I couldn’t get enjoyment running ss316 in tc mode.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s a great power mod. Just not tc for me and not worth the money. And not what I purchased it for.

Darn. That’s a shame, since I love the Sigelei 213. I’ve been debating about buying a second one cuz I like it so much, but decided to wait to see what else was coming out. I’m glad I waited. And I’m glad I have several other mods capable of TC.

I did like it. But the bottom after 28 days of use showed marks or ware and tare. And occasionally it didn’t fire right away…but I’m sure it was a user error.

To be honest I love my ipv5. It’s alittle heavey but it works. I’ve officially used it so far for tc for ss316…it works pretty good and don’t notice what they call “pulsing.” But for me I may only use SS wire for tc…I need to go to a bnm shop and see if they are willing to make me a Ti wire or Ni wire just for giggles.

He is correct mine tc doesn’t work right will fire dry cotton and burn it up useless
But I want one just like it that works
If segelie would fix it I would buy another one

Sigh. I wish that I could find the weight on the IPV4 200. If it’s light enough, I’d pre-order. Otherwise I’ll have to wait for one of you fine folks to buy one and weigh it for me.

The Gearbest website has it listed as 0.18kg…or 180 grams

Thanks! Alas, that’s too heavy for me. Bummer.

Pulled the trigger Vapenw
Had a black one in Stock now it says
Still pre-order purple should be here Monday Tuesday

This thing is awesome very small and lightweight
Hits great little smaller than the 213 segelie

Vapenw 49 bucks was here in 2 days
Haven’t weighted it yet but not heavy at all but solid


Wake and Vape has the IPV400 200w for 47.99. Site seems to be having problems loading right now but the link is…


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Good luck on the IPV6x, maybe it will arrive by Christmas at the rate they keep pushing back the ship date. I cancelled my pre-order and will wait for reviews after it is in stock. I love my IPV4 and still use it.

You also mentioned the Gearbest website. I will never order another item from that joke of a company. I have placed four orders through them and they have screwed up all of them. Every. Single. One. They either ship the wrong item or nothing at all and then make nothing but excuses. Gearbest = garbage.

Mike Vapes has a review up on it

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Piece of junk
Lasted almost 2 months is dying the screen comes on low can’t barely see if loved it when was working but this is ridiculous
Back to old faithful Segel I 213 is still going strong in power mode
Oh well China crap
Oh all mods made there heck everything is made there
Haven’t even used it that much

oh no…I really hate to see this…I have a IPV6x on preorder from fasttech…it is supposed to be in on 8/30 so two more days after I have been waiting since 7/25…they told me originally 7/30 but now I have waited over a month and if I have waited all of this time for a POS I will be super pissed!!! I don’t have much money so when I do get something I need it to be good and worth every penny because I can’t buy another mod anytime soon…I am really sorry your IPV400 is not working correctly after only two months, but I really hope the IPV6x lasts longer…

Hope yours works much longer
I have a ipv d3 using it now just single 18650 only draw back had for a year is fine

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