Ipv4s ss316l in tc

Hi guys just wondering if anybody has tried this as I bought 25m of the stuff the other week and getting the ipv 4s at xmas not to bothered if it doesn’t as my wife is taking my cool fire 4 and subtank plus so I will just use it in her subtank plus but will be good if it worked :kissing_closed_eyes::dash::dash:

It will work in wattage mode i know that. I’m getting on aswell from my daughter so i will be in the same boat as you.
Lots of people have ipv4s mod’s so I’m sure someone will help us both.

It should be fine - Lots of people here use 316L :slight_smile: I use 317L myself…

Will it work in joule mode @daath?

I’m pretty sure it will :smile:

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Thanks :grinning: Should I put it on the ti or the ni setting :flushed:

YES! IT WILL! i do it all the time…love it!

Listen to @Whiterose0818 - I am too tired; I didn’t realize it was IPV4S - I have it, but I’ve only used Ti-wire on it… I know @Pro_Vapes has used SS on his IPV4, but it doesn’t really protect against dry coils…

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