I just got an IPV6x from Vape Royalty (arrived yesterday) and I have to say, this thing is probably the absolute best mod I’ve ever used. It’s only marginally bigger than my EVIC Mini and feels amazing in the hand. Fires instantly, has a really bright and easy to read screen, and so far I’ve had really great battery life. I’m running a .55 ohm Clapton build in a kayfun 5 on it and I’ve taken 230+ hits (about 3 tanks of juice) and it’s still above 2/3 full on the battery meter. At $53 this thing is a steal.

In short. I’m in love.

Anyone else have one of these?


Nope. Want one but it wasn’t availble when I want to order. Please be aware there may be a recal on the IPv6…something about if you out the bateries in backwards or something it will auto fire at 200w


Yea I saw that. Looks like it doesn’t have reverse polarity protection (weird).

IMO, no big deal for me. I rock a Noisey Cricket on the regular and take battery safety seriously. If there is a recall for that issue I won’t be sending mine back as I don’t want to be without it!

Also, this is where I got mine and they are still in stock:


I am waiting on one right now, but I ordered from Fasttech on 7/25…and well…we all know how that goes, but I do have a question for you since you already have one in hand…how well does the TCR function perform…does it lock resistance? What firmware version do you have? I read a post on reddit that says the TCR doesn’t work correctly because it doesn’t lock resistance so it just keeps going up as your coils heat up…I am an avid TCR user and this is a deal breaker for me so I may just want a refund, but I would like to hear from someone who has one before I do to see if maybe they have addressed the issue…here is the link

maybe you could read this and check on it

Sorry, can’t help there. I stick to power mode, in fact I don’t even own TCR compatible wire. All I can tell you is that the resistance stays accurate in power mode.


still rockin an eleaf istick 50w, i bought an IPV5 for preorder, but woo that thing is kinda clunky. It definetly feels manmade but its like i’m carrying around a small brick. Its a great mod though, but i’d prolly never take it out of the house. I’ve dropped it from 6 inches and its leave some reminders of that. nothing fingernail polish didnt fix but, i have an ipv2 that one of my folks have, (gave to her as a first mod but she isn’t using it). That was a nice box but needed a magnet upgrade, only had screws for entry to battery case.

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Oh boy do I love my ipv5. Yup it’s a brick, but it comes with free tickets to the gun show :muscle::muscle: Lift and vape lift and vape. Vape life is a workout. Lol

I love it so much I got a 3rd one on the way. Seriously. Until I choose to be able to afford a dual 18650 dna mod the ipv5 is my go to.