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Irish whiskey?


Is there an “IRISH WHISKEY FLAVOR” On the market out there? I’ve heard of an Irish Cream. but not what I’m looking for. Gimme a holler iffen you know of one

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I just searched through 10484 flavours I have in a database and there is no irish whisky (or whiskey) listed - lots of irish creams but no whiskey.



There’s quite a few ‘whisk’ to wade through (at least 7 pages)… Don’t recall any brands that are specifically Irish though.

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You da man, thanks I’ll have t fake it with TFA’s Kentucky bourbon.



There are several Whiskey flavors out there.

My favorite recipe is the following:

Barrel Cream:

KY Bourbon TFA 2%
Oak Wood by FA 3 drops. Just to get the oakiness into the Bourbon
Italian Cream Hangsen .5%
Vanilla Ice Cream FW .5%
Vanilla Custard V1 CAP 1%
Sweet Cream TFA? .5%

This is just a divine vape for bourbon lovers.

I think the closest would be FA whiskey with 1 or 2 drops of Oakwood. Might get yah close.
BCV offers Tennessee Whiskey (Sour Mash/Jack Daniels) and a scotch whiskey.

Hands down my favorite is KY Bourbon by TFA.