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Is 5G going to blow us up?


OK, maybe not blow us up, but anyone else aware of the possible negatives ?? I’m just reading this now, so I have no clue.




I was actually more concerned about this:
“Do Cow Farts Actually Contribute To Global Warming?”
until I saw your post just now.



I don’t know much about 5G yet but in the past these electric radiation scares turned out to be not as bad as expected. Every time a new technology was introduced these things were coming up and people were concerned.
I know, tell this to the people who are having problems. In general I can easily imagine that “electro smog” as it is called in Germany can cause health problems. It’s not easy to prove though.
But if you want to know what humanity’s biggest problem is going to be, my bet is on big data and scoring systems. A perfect tool to suppress people and “make them do the right thing”. Not the world I want to live in…



LOL Dammmit Mark !!!

that was a good one.



Fair enough.


Oh yes, already going on, in China.

Well, I’m in the tech sector, so I’m not going to loose sleep over it, but after clicking more, and more links, it started looking “as if” there COULD be something to this whole something thing. I realize that many OTHER countries LIMIT how much wireless radiation, that the US does NOT. Hey, maybe we’re pushing tech/speed/tech above health ?? I wouldn’t put it past us, we’re smart like that.

Worldwide Precautionary Action

Around the world, countries are taking strong action to reduce wireless radiation on children.

In addition the policies listed below, countries like Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Israel, Russia and China have set RF exposure limits 100 to 10,000 times less than the USA. They recognize that there can be non-thermal biological effects from wireless radiation.


Just food for thought, as clearly, we don’t ALWAYS get it right over here.



I’m more of a believer of this…



Oh yes, good point, food!
That’s another thing humanity apparently lost all knowledge about. I’m pretty sure a good percentage of all the chronic conditions people are suffering from today are caused by the wrong foods. Everything is processed, nobody prepares fresh food anymore. Here in England flats for “young professionals” don’t have a proper kitchen anymore. Just a sink and a spot for a microwave. And a choice of 50 takeaway restaurants in a 3 mile radius.



Well, the one curious thing, is that the 2G, and 3G networks are still online (maybe decommissioned at some point), as well as the new 5G, and all the WIFI, with 4G and LTE on top of that. I’m sure, that there’s got to be a ceiling for this at some point. I’m sure the tech giants won’t agree.



Maybe it’s a good thing that some technologies are being decommissioned faster than you could make any long term studies…



Maybe the truth is somewhere in between the extremes as I see all the radiation of new technologies just as one part of a very complex environment we created only recently (less than… 100 years?).
I agree that we won’t get our brains fried immediately from 5G but who knows what can happen in the right (wrong) circumstances and in combination with other influences.



@Bad_Influence, I’m not one to go all apeshit over the “sky is falling”, or jump at the first sign of an issue, but you ARE right on that one. Have had numerous friends, family, co-workers, who were diagnosed with a wide array of medical issues, and were all prescribed this, that, and the other, but the majority, whom made a real FOOD change, not only improved, but most have STOPPED taking the medications, they were prescribed. I’m not easily swayed, but after hearing/seeing firsthand evidence, I was convinced. Good thing for me, my LAZINESS has STOPPED me from making the same changes for myself.

At first, I blew it off, as someone pushing the BIG, NEXT, NEW “thing” about eating dirt, or non-GMO water (LOL), but actually started doing some research (yes, and watching a few nutcase documentaries), and talking to people I knew, and grew convinced.

One of the better ones, that didn’t turn me off, but opened my eyes a bit was …

Please be advised, I STILL eat fast food, WAAAAY too much.



Lots of us are locked in to this cycle and it is one of the hardest things to change. So many things are playing into this, from what we all grew up with (media etc) to compensation, convenience, time management and what we’re used to do and have done for too long.



Wait a minute, these aren’t documentaries ?? I mean, they keep repeating “vitamin charged” ??



Yeah if they get you as a child…
Just try me once and I might let you go, but try me twice, and I’ll own your soul
Oh hold on, that was about heroine…





I’m more concerned about killer robots. Terminators. Why is this not scaring anyone else?



Hardware is expensive. Who builds a killer robot if you can kill just with software and algorithms. And 5g and food and prescription drugs.



here’s something from 2013

as far as I now no one has died from 4g/lte yet.



@Silhouette, Ahhh, everything’s A-OK. You’ve got NOTHING to worry about…



(Ahhh, everything’s A-OK. You’ve got NOTHING to worry about…)

Oh my God. That’s exactly what a Terminator would say…