Is Additional PG Truly Needed

This may come across as a stupid question to many here as many have experience. I have found that my juices taste good to me and I 99% of the time do not ad any additional PG to my mixes. When I brows many of the recipes here I notice that there are several that ad between 7% to 20% additional PG to their mixes.

Do I need to ad PG? If so why? I am not a big throat hit person but I do like flavor and a thicker juice. Will the additional PG truly ad flavor to the mixes? Lets say I am using French Vanilla Deluxe TFA at 7% will I get more flavor out of the French Vanilla Deluxe if I thin it out like by dropping it to 5% and adding the additional 2% in just straight PG?

I seem to find if I don’t over do it on flavorings and keep them under 30% they seem to work out just fine. I am sure this question may have been asked many of times in different formats but I just can not see or understand thinning out the flavorings. I can see using them in lower percentages. I have no reactions to PG, VG, Diketones to me the more Diketones the better :wink: I don’t order any DX flavorings period, I am a flavor junkie and just wanted to know.

Sorry if this is a stupid question.


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It really comes down to a couple different factors:
The tank you plan to vape it with, as the juice holes can greatly effect wicking ability, so if the holes are smaller, having less pg can make the juice too thick to really wick effectively, likewise if there is too much pg on a large juice hole tank you may end up with some leaking issues.
Another factor is really just personal preference, I usually mix roughly 70/30 sometimes 80/20, usually anything over 30% pg gives my throat a bad time and makes the vape much less enjoyable. But that’s just me, it’s up to the individual user to decide what ratio they Perfer, in which case if I want 70/30 ratio, and I only have 15% flavoring, I would of course need to ad an additional 15% pg (I use vg based nic so it doesn’t effect my pg %).


On a side note, if you are mixing at 30% flavoring (which I might add is pretty darned high), you would already be at at least 30% pg ratio, possibly more if you have pg based nic, in which case you wouldn’t need to or likely even want to add any extra pg anyway.


Don’t over think or question your DIYing process.
If it isn’t broken, well you know :grinning:
I add no additional PG to any of my mixes.
I use RTAs & occasionally a RDA, so no need.
My Eliquids all are tasty.
I don’t plan on growing a man bun,
Buying a fidget Spinner or
wear a Romper. Just because it’s panache.
I have no hair, I can spin a pen & My old tattered jeans fit me well :grinning::+1:


It’s not a stupid question, there is no stupid question here. (And even if there is, we have all asked them all at some point)

I can’t tolerate PG so I use no extra.

Please read my diatribe on PG. It will cost you $3.00 and a week of steeping to find out if you like it.


I stole my son’s spinner. They’re addictive af :hugs:

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A big NO on that.

Do you have any PG? I would recommend getting some and trying for yourself. People can explain all they want about how you don’t need this or that, but until you see for yourself what PG will or will not do, you’re just taking other people’s word for it. And after all, what is the single most overused phrase in DIY … taste is…oh I can’t even finish it! :slight_smile:You know.

I use PG because I too am a flavor junkie and I find more flavor intensity with PG. Personally I’m at 70/30 VG/PG. And I arrived at that happy spot having tried everything from 50/50 to Max VG. I encourage you to try for yourself.