Is Big tobacco the Biggest Threat to Vaping?


I still believe big tobacco “lent a hand” in helping kill off a big chunk of their Vaping competition trying to corner the market. Sadly, to the demise of smaller Mom and Pop shops.
Yeah…it’s business. I get it.


No doubt. All these tobacco- and tobacco alternatives will go the way of the Dodo Bird in the next couple generations… Jesus… How many “Actual” smokers do you know?!


At the end of the day, I have to say that BT is the primary reason. If you look at all the reasons that vaping is “bad” and needs to be eliminated, then look at the KNOWN dangers of cigs, and the ability to continue selling their products… not hard to figure out.

The argument of eliminating it “for the children” is BS. Kids will continue to smoke cigs and become addicted. Cigs will continue to cause extreme health and kill people. BT will continue to payout huge amounts to states that borrow against those payments and can’t afford to balance a budget without it (because they’re too dumb to be fiscally responsible). BT knows this and milks it for all its worth because they can still make a huge profit after all expenses are paid.

The end result is that ANYTHING that would eliminate BT will be eliminated first. They have the money and political backing to make it happen, and scew anyone for any reason that gets in their way.

I’m so tired of hearing the exuse to eliminate vaping is all about kids and their safety. Let’s get rid of kids and solve the problem.


It’s give and take on the side of big tobacco. They still have to deal with the FDA and the CDC. Move too fast and get rejected. Move too slow and they get rejected. They have to dance to the tune of Big Government. If you want someone to blame it’s organization’s like the American Heart and organization’s of same kind. There is your villain in all of this. Believe it or not BIG TOBACCO is your friend in all of this. They have the the money to fight the American Heart association and their other associates.
Big tobacco knows they won’t survive much less grow without smoking cessation products. They might be our saviour’s one day.


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This was a long ass video and if you want to deeply understand the subject, either you hunker down and watch or if you can’t hack 2 guys talking for a long time, I suggest you read these…

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Mark Guther’s Bloomberg Article


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