Is higher VG muting flavours?

A few weeks ago i have change my Base from 55VG/45PG, to 70VG/30PG.
And i mixed a lot of recipes from ELR, what i have mixed in the past with lower VG.
In a lot of this mixes with now 70% VG it’s like the flavour is muted.
Specially in the mixes whitch contain fruit flavours. This Was not bevor, when i was mixing with lower VG!
So can a 70/30 Base mute some flavours in my mixes?


The (much) higher Vapor Pressure of PG (relative to VG, Glycerol), and the correspondingly lower “Boiling Point Temperature”, and the resulting much more significant quantity of vapor droplets formed (relative to VG, for a given temp) is why PG is referred to as a “flavor carrier” (in relative contrast to VG, Glycerol).

The BP of PG is ~188 *C, while that of VG is ~290 *C.

Saturation Vapor Pressure of PG appears to be ~50 times that of VG (at ~200 *C):



With higher concentrations of Nic, relative proportions of PG and VG affect flavor:

(Nature, 2017):
Nicotine delivery from the refill liquid to the aerosol
via high-power e-cigarette device


With out all the bloviating BS, yes in a “sense”, flavors are muted a bit the higher the VG in the ratio because PG is a much better carrier/transmitter of flavoring.


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In my experience I found mixing with higher VG ratios the flavors will still come through, it just takes a little longer. The steeping time needs to be increased. If you normally steep fruits for 1-2 days at 55/45 then give them 4-5 days with 70/30.
And if you’re one of those shake & vapers then all of this will be a moot point.


Listen very scientific, but i dont really understand …


No iam not shake & vaper Tontured, iam mixing my own juice. In the past i have also mixed some recipes of yours. :slight_smile:
You are right with “Raven-Knightly”, i was surprised … :grin:


OK. Change my answer to, “yes, maybe”, then. :grinning:


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