Is it a 510 connection problem?

Hi I have a Wondervape smm RDA. On the coil master meter it reads ohms but won’t fire. On my mod, Smok TPriv, it reads ohms too low. It has a so called adjustable 510 protruding pin but it won’t adjust flush as far as I can tell you can only make it higher and I think it being too high Is the problem …or Not? Anyone ?

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@donna7 sounds like a loose coil connection or loose juice down in the 510. Get everything clean and tight and try it again …and a freshly charged battery too


Ok That is possible. I’ll try that thanks


I looked at a picture of that RDA, I can’t tell if the center pin is really adjustable. I think it’s detachable, which is different. You can un-scew it so you can take the RDA apart.

You can tell if it’s not adjustable because one of the posts on your RDA will be loose if that pin isn’t screwed down snug.

I would screw it down snug, then check ohms again.

The Smok T Priv has a spring loaded 510 connector, so it’s likely not the Smok.

Hope that helps!

What ohms does it read on the CoilMaster?

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Too high is ok, just means you might not be able to get much m/f thread connection. The most important aspect is that the positive pin is insulated from the neg. body. I would try this RDA on another mod. It’s either the mod or the RDA causing the problem.

Took me a while to get back, I apologise. Thank You! An easy fix when i was determined to make it difficult…I cleaned it all up and…it works! I also had a jewlers loop and i could see a tiny wire not visible to the eye. So again thank you