Is it ok to warm vg before mixing?

I’m using syringes for mixing and vg is very thick. Would it effect the liquid in anyway to heat it up to quicken the extracting?

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That depends on the flavorings used. Some of the aroma molecules are more volatile than others, such as fruits.

What i do is pour the exact # of ml a bottle is supposed to hold of water into a bottle and check where it comes to in the bottle. For example i pour 15ml of water into a 15ml bottle. This way i know exactly how much liquid should be in the bottle. Then, when mixing, i add flavors and nic. After this i add the VG to the previously determined level in the bottle.


You should be OK to warm the VG a bit, just so it’s a bit thinner… :smile:


Its what my local B&M and taught me to do when i first started mixing. To be honest i have never noticed any issue with the flavor as it doesnt stay heated long. He/i used a coffee mud warmer.


My process at the moment is pg first then vg add my concentrates and then add the nic. I was curious to see if the vg would be effected as the remainder in my vg bottle would cool down and then if the process was repeated the next day that’s twice its been warmed. Wasn’t sure if the quality would eventually be effected.

When I was still using syringes to get VG into my mix that is what I did and I have never seen any issues with doing it. I used a bowl with hot water in it and sat my bottle of VG in the hot water when I was mixing. Worked great

Thanks Daath. Curious to see what eventually would happen to vg if it would lose its quality.

Well, as @Ken_O_Where mentioned, the heat could be harmful to the flavorings (and possibly the nicotine) - I wouldn’t worry too much about the VG :smile: That said, VG can go “dry” - by nature VG is hygroscopic; it will absorb water - when it goes dry it will still be a liquid, but won’t absorb liquid (as well) :smile:


When does vg go hydroscopic? Should I be worried that I just bought a 4 month supply? Should I wear a condom ? Would you recommend ribbed for her? J/k

But really, when should I worry about hydroscopic?

Hygroscopic :smiley:

Definitely ribbed! Nah, you should be good. VG is best stored at room temperature in a sealed container. If you store VG for a long time, you could add a couple of drops of distilled water every now and then, to keep it from going dry. A little goes a long way, I hear, but I haven’t researched it much…

Time to start weighing your VG rather than creating even more work. I promise you, you’ll be glad you switched…


I second @ringling’s advice. Switch to weight and stick your PG, VG, and Nic in squeeze bottles that have squirty spouts like these:


Seeing @ringling’s response reminded me that I wanted to urge you to just get some big squeezy bottles for your VG :smiley: hehe

And WRT @ringling about scales?

You won’t regret it! :smiley:


Beat ya! :stuck_out_tongue: Only you did it with more class with all your Morgan Freemaness…


You did beat me. I had to find a suitable Freeman! :smiley: hehe


Warming is ok, HOT is too much. Try to keep your temps below 125 deg F. That is below the volatility of most flavors. You should be ok there. VG becomes much less viscous at about 110 deg F. But as others have suggested, measuring by weight is much more accurate, and more user friendly than measuring by volume. No syringes to clean etc…

IMO, Morgan Freeman is one of the finest actors to grace the screen in a LOOOONG time. He is also one of the more liberal. That would explain my love/hate feelings toward the man.

I use the mouth wash syenge and cut off the tip. work great for VG. It has no ml or cc marking on it. they use it alot when you have a tooth pulled, use a scale or save the vg for last.

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Sales are on the way. Thanks for the advice.

Instead of heating I use a 10ml syringe I got from my pharmacy for free. It’s the style meant for administering bublegum liquid medicine. Bathe tip is very big on it. I love in a cold apartment so room temp is always low, and the vg is always thick…but with that style of syringe I have no issues mixing small bottles 15ml to 30ml.

I probably should invest in some squeeze bottles but since I’m new it comes down to choices. But more tools or more flavors. I’m still at the buy more flavors level.

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