Is it possible to add a "Can I make this" function to ELR?

I know ELR has a “what can I make” function - though it never seems to work well for me (when I select certain flavors I get results for all flavors in my stash. It could be that I simply don’t understand how that function works).

What I’m suggesting is sort of the opposite of what can I make. As I get deeper into DIY my flavor stash has grown considerably - as I’m is true of many others. When you have say 200 flavors in your stash it’s sometime hard to remember if you have say CAP Kiwi or FA Kiwi or perhaps you have both. I would love to search for a recipe, find a few that I’m interested in and then click an icon that tells me if I have all the flavors in my stash to make this recipe as described. Perhaps a simple “you can make this with your current flavor stash” when you click on a recipe. Much like how when I click on a flavor it says “you have this flavor in your stash”.

I’m hoping my suggestion is clear - happy to flesh it out with moderators and others. Perhaps this function already exists and I’m unaware or it or not clear on how to use current functions on ELR. If it’s not already there I think it would make a fantastic addition to the usability of the site.

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Hi @Geb1 ,

If you click on a recipe you like the look of and go down to where it says ‘price’, if you are missing any concentrates there will be a ? next to the price. Click on the ? and it will highlight which concentrates you are missing (make sure your flavour stash is up to date and in the correct format).

Hope this helps :+1:


To add to what @Lolly said, which is 100% correct, you also need to make sure you have volume and price information entered for each flavor in your stash (even if it’s just 0 and 0.01) in order for this “hack” to work. If you don’t, it will flag that flavor as not being in your stash even though it is.

I do like the idea of having a dedicated “Can I make this” though. I’m sure a lot of people don’t realize that this works or if they do don’t want to have to go and enter all their price and volume info for their flavors, nic, PG, and VG (although you totally should cuz it’s awesome to see how much money you’re saving).

On the “what can I make” side…there are two options for searching using your stash. Search by Stash lets you check off flavors you have in your stash and will return any recipes that contain ALL the flavors you checked off, but may also include flavors you don’t have. Clicking “What Can I Make” will return recipes that contain only flavors you have in your stash. The two options (at this point in time) cannot be combined.


thanks for the additional info. I read top email first and the search didn’t work - then read your email and saw I need to add how much of each flavor I have to get the hack to work. I see you are moderator - fwiw - the “what can I make” function is useless as is unless you only have a handful or relatively few flavors in your stash. I have about 250 flavors (I need to add a bunch to my stash) and you will get back thousand of results when you click it. that’s not much different from just searching recipes as I have been doing. When I click/highlight say the 10 flavors I’m considering using to narrow it down some it has no effect - you still get results for your entire stash. just fixing that glitch would go a long way in improving efficacy. last, although it will be cumbersome I am going to going back and put in how much of each flavor I have - when a flavor gets near empty I can zero it out and then know I need to order more. that will prevent buying doubles and similar issues.

I pushed a small change that show directly on the recipe if you can make it or not. It shouldn’t care if there is a price or volume attached - as long as it is in your stash, it should work :slight_smile:


Wow. All I can say is… your amaz’balls, a wizard, and just super great.


thanks! this is a fantastic tweak. The only thing I would add is that it needs to be made clear somewhere (FAQ section?) that in order to use that function you have to add the amount you have and cost of the flavors in your stash. Once I put those two bits in it worked like a charm and I could see what I need to order to make any recipe. I recently became an ELR supporter and I’m happy I contributed. Whether you made my requested tweak or not the usefulness and help I get from this site is worth much much more. thanks again.

Great tweak/addition. :+1:

It took me a while before I learned that I needed to have the amount/cost information filled in as well as the most common name format.

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As soon as I saw the words ‘you cannot make this’, I said to myself, well why the heck not? It is secret? Am I not worthy of making it? Then, I remembered this post :slight_smile:.


I changed the wording from “You cannot make this” to “You are missing ingredients” :slight_smile:

To clarify: The new “You can make this” / “You are missing ingredients” feature doesn’t care if you have entered price/volume in your stash. If you have it in your stash, you can make it. Clicking the “X” if you are missing ingredients will highlight the flavors you don’t have OR the ones that are missing price/volume though.


Thanks for this Daath. This is very useful. :fist:t5:


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Must be some weird Aussie thing. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just tried this on a recipe for which i do have 3 out of 5 ingredients in my stash, but the x highlighted all 5 as missing. They are formatted correctly. I might not understand how it works.

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Yes, clicking on the “X” or the “?” does the same thing - It highlights the flavors where there is no volume or price in your stash. I might make the “X” work differently at some point, but for now, this will work - Think of it this way: You get to see how much you mixes cost :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks! This was where i got confused:
“The new “You can make this” / “You are missing ingredients” feature doesn’t care if you have entered price/volume in your stash. If you have it in your stash, you can make it.”

Don’t feel out of place I interpreted it the same as you and found it didn’t work the way I imagined. I just added prices to all my stash,I think hopefully

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