Is it possible to make DIYconcentrates?

My friends and I make a bunch of DIY eJuice, so we now wonder if we could make some recipes on a 30ml or 50ml bottle (i mean just concentrates) and then use the DIYconcentrate with the PG/VG/nic mixture whenever we want. This would save us a bunch of time, besides we smoke at different nic strengths so this would solve that problem as well, but does this kinda method not change the quality and the taste of our juices?

edit: (obviously this “method” would be extremely convenient for recipes with many flavors and almost useless with recipes with one or two flavors

Like a stone?


Just click this link on the recipe and you are ready to go


(I’m sorry but I’m a real beginner here!) Anyway I guess “stone” might be what they’re called then! thank you very much, Now my question is: Can you make a stone of any recipe? or some recipes will taste better if you make them with the PG/VG mixture right away, cause my head suggest me that if you mix the concentrates first and then you leave them there for even some weeks, they are only going to mix better and the recipe should only benefit from this and not get any worst. Correct me if I’m wrong though cause I’m just guessing here

That I’m not sure of. Most of the folks on the thread I linked my be able to help you more with that answer,

I don’t understand what a one shot is

Yes, by using the feature @Norseman posted.[quote=“Matte_esse, post:5, topic:141180”]
if you mix the concentrates first and then you leave them there for even some weeks,

I have without issue.

I would be concerned if a flavor is known to fade over time. Stable mixes has resulted in stable bases/stones/one shots for me.


It is a flavor base. It’s all the flavors used in a mix made into a One Shot and all you have to do is to mix it at a given percentage with VG/PG and Nic to make your liquid.

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this is a great vid I just found:

thanks guys. never heard of this, but definitely a good idea. i make juice for one of my sisters. she likes pretty much all the flavors i do, but she uses 50/50 @ 12mg bc she is a MTL’r. i use between 2 and 4mg(keep both and use 4mg if I’ve been working and haven’t had a vape in several hours or if i am in a rush and can only take a couple hits really quick) and i like 70/30 vg/pg. this would save me hell’a time! i don’t have a scale or magnetic stirrer yet. all i use is a 1mL dropper graduated by .25mL to add concentrates. getting the right amounts and all the shaking takes a lot of time.

this thing you talk about is refered as FlavorStones… as @TheTinMan1 already said… the post he shared has a really nice info to read about :slight_smile:

in addition i suggest you to have in mind that this will NOT help you to cut down steeping time or something like this… but it will help you cut down time with

mixing (Getting flavor from one bottle is much faster than adding flavor from 2-3 or more bottles),

save room (well… we all like using less bottles that having 1k bottles around, and every time searching the right bottles for mixing)

Cleaning (if you’re using different syringes every time you want to mix “that” juice, or cleaning one every time before you put inside a different flavor bottle… after making this… you will just need one syringe to put out the amount of flavor you wish)

This is not true. For example, a few months ago I made a base for Bust-a-Nut which is a recipe I am very familiar with. I have made a couple thousand ml of it at least. Given that I only like it after a month steep, the fact that my last mix was made from this base and was immediately vapable proves to me flavor bases will steep just as well, if not better than actual recipes. I have seen this with all of the recipes I have made flavor bases for.

I put this little tutorial together awhile back:


I guess some recipes need a long steep so the flavors can mix and clearly that’s your case with Bust-a-Nut other need steeping mostly so the flavor mix with PG/VG. So my conclusion is that some recipes will see a radical reduction of steep time if they steep in “stone form” first and other recipes will benefit from this “stone steeping” very little