Is it really important to make liquid 100% accurate?

I’ve read that most of juicy recipe not need to be steeped? Is it true? And is it really important to make the recipe accurate 100%? I mean, I’ve make some liquid…
Let’s say vg/pg: 60:40 for 60ml
Vg 60%
Pg 25%
Flavour a 5%
Flavour b 3%
Flavour c 7%
So total 100%… and after make that, I think I want to add more flavour b because its so thin… what should I do? Can I just add flavor b 2% more (total 102%)? Or I’ve to re create the recipe again and make that recipe 100% accurate? So maybe. Flavor b+2% and flavor c -2%?

If so, why do I have to do that?

Most fruits can be vaped without steeping, or so I’ve been told but they do get better with some time.
As for your next question, you can add more flavour to it without recreating the entire recipe.

You would only have to start again if you put too much flavour in it and it tastes awful but even then you wouldn’t necessarily have to throw it away.

If for instance you put 7% of flavour C and it is way too strong, you could mix up another batch without flavour C and mix the two together thus getting 3.5% of flavour C


Thanks for your answer…
Is there any list which flavor need / not need use stee?

What about nicotine? Can I mix that way? Example I make 60 ml for 110% recipe, so its 66ml. and I want to make it 3mg nic with 100mg… so I just have to add 3% of 66ml… is that right?

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as a general rule creams and custards steep 3-4 weeks, fruits i would say at least a day to a week steep, baked goods can really vary but at least a week.


I’ll give you a link that is pretty useful


The calculator is your friend here :grin:


In my experience, it is more important to get your flavors where you want them and then set your nic% once you get the flavors set. You won’t notice a taste difference between 3 nic and 5 nic (for example) at least I don’t.

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in general i would say yes, most of the times is important to make liquid 100% accurate…
there are many flavors that tend to dominate other ones even in small amounts… a classic example of this could be menthol… even in a percentage of 2%+ can be way too strong to feel the rest flavors…

VG/PG ratio… if you add more VG probably you will need some more flavoring depeding on how much more VG you added… and the opossite… IF there is too much flavor and more PG inside juice could be too harsh to vape it so you need to reduce flavoring…

this is mostly in small batches… in large batches (let’s say 500ml) if some more PG or VG gets dropped inside or some more flavoring… in the worst case the percentages ca’t really go so great higher or lower…so in this case it could work :slight_smile: for example 5ml flavoring in 100ml is 5% but in a 500ml batch is only 1% even if you add let’s say 6ml flavoring in the 500ml batch the percentage will go only up to 1.2% so it’s not a big deal… i guess you understand what i mean…

the thing i want to say is that in small batches you can add some flavoring BUT keep in mind that it will NOT always work depending on flavors you use… :slight_smile:

good luck and have fun m8 :slight_smile:

Don’t be afraid to experiment to suit your own personal tastes. A recipe that isn’t 100% accurate is just a new recipe.

You can add more of one flavor if you want to and less of another. Experiment with small batches and find what suits you. After awhile you can adapt just about any recipe on this website just by looking at ingredients and saying “needs more of this, less of that, and skip this flavor altogether”. Have fun.

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I do it all the time in moderation. But I do it after a full steep aging process. I steep everything for about 3-4 weeks.

For example…my custards and Ice cream mixes. I steep those for 6 weeks. I vape about 10-15mls of a 30ml bottle. Then I say to myself…let’s add some fruit. Then I do it. Then i am happy. Then I get to vape ice cream with a thin layer of strawberry or ect.

For example recently I added 16 drops of inw orange shisha and 8 drops of watermellon pur for giggles. It was ok. I learned that once fully blended I wasn’t a big fan of how watermelon layered with orange after
4 days. But at day 1 it was fun.


when mixing any recipe you need to take the carrier liquid of the flavor and nicotine into account for the total 100%


When you are first learning, it doesn’t hurt to just add 1% of flavor to give it a boost. You learn what you like by trying this stuff. But the beginners guide on this site is the best place to start.

You will do yourself a world of good by first learning how to use this site. Become acquainted with how to use this database.

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Thank you so much for all the answers…
Its all very good info and knowledge…

This is the best forum btw… hehe…

Btw, I wanna ask something… Ive just made my diy liquid… and the when i exhale the flavor’s nice, but in the end of that exhale there’s some musty smell… in the end of my exhale the flavor’s mute…
Why is that? Is it because I added to much flavor?

Some flavors are more prominent in the inhale vs exhail and it goes the other way.

Hence why many mixes will use two blueberries to get that fuller experiance or it’s more blueberry in the inhail and backers/cream on the exhail.

There is no rule that says you can’t play with the % of flavors. I often tweak others recipes to my preference or mix something with an alternative flavor because I don’t have a certain flavor in my stash or because I don’t like a certain flavor. I sometimes leave out a flavor and sometimes add one or more flavors… with DIY you can do what you want.
However, if you’re a beginner, I strongly recommend that you stick to the exact % of flavors that people use and see what results you get. If you’re making some of the top recipes, you know that you’ve got a pretty decent juice and you’ll learn how all different flavors interact with each other.

Steeping, again, is no must. You can shake and vape every single e-liquid. It’s not going to kill you, but with a lot of e-liquids, the vape isn’t going to be as satisfying as when it’s steeped. Again, steeping notes can usually be found in the recipe notes (for the good recipes at least) and after a while, you’ll get the hang of what needs a long steep and what can be vaped pretty much instantly.

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