Is it worth "partially" homogenising e-liquids?

I want to start a e-liquid business selling shortfills. We would like to send the product already steeped using homogenisation. but the problem is there is a 20mg/ml nicotine limit in the UK. so for example for a 50ml e-liquid with a strength of 10mg/ml nicotine, we will be sending a 25ml e-liquid in the form of shortfill and another 25ml of a 20mg/ml nicotine shot, to then be mixed by the customer. So I am thinking is it worth to homogenise the shortfill part, given that it will have to be mixed with the nicotine shot by the customer and s/he will have to wait for the final product to also steep again anyway?
Put another way, is homogenising a process that mostly happens between different flavour concentrates or between all ingredients, or somewhere in between maybe?


Check out the Game Changer thread here. It’s about homogenization. I do it without nic, then add it when I use the juice. Works just fine.


thanks @natbone. The rod diameter of the GC seems to be too wide for my needs. Also I can’t find anywhere that sells it or gives measurements of it.


The GC is sold by one man @anon36682625 and is why you can’t find it sold elsewhere. You have to contact him to purchase. I love mine.


My point was that the homogenization process is for the PG, VG and flavors. Some of us using the GC will add the nic as well without any problems. Therefore, given your situation you do it to the shortfill and then adding additional nic should not lengthen the steeping process. By using the GC the steep time is eliminated.


Nicotine doesnt need to any time to homogenize shake it into your liquid and vape…


yes, that is the answer to your question.


Thank you all, much appreciated :+1: